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  1. I dont think we can repeat Jesus life prayer all other.
    Matthew 3:17 and behold, a voice from heaven said, “This is my beloved Son,with whom I am well pleased.”

    He does not say that for us. I think we should have benefit from Jesus praying in our behalf, interciding for us in Heavenly sanctuary.

    We can if unite like minded, not in strife but in loving relationship, call on Jesus name to recieve mercy from Heaven. We as individuals can participate in that by not doing any obsticles for our comon praier.

    • Goran, we are sons and daughters of God too (see John 1:12 and 1 John 3:1). That voice that came from Heaven, "This is my beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased," is also for us. Our heavenly father loves us unconditionally and is "well-pleased" to the point of "not sparing His own Son (Romans 8:32)."

      Thus, in conclusion, the prayer life of Jesus can indeed be repeated in us. Zechariah 4:6, "Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lord."

  2. Goran, I totally agree with you that we will be saved by Jesus intercession for us and not our works. We we are saved by HIS faith and not our own. Still, when Jesus went to be baptized, He was repenting in behalf of the entire human race as he had no sins of his own. Like a supervisor telling a customer he is sorry for the mistake of his employee even though the supervisor did nothing wrong. He is repenting on behalf of someone else. That is what Jesus did, and when He came up out of the water the Father said, "This is my Son in whom I am well pleased." When the Father said that, Jesus was representing the entire human race, so the Father was basically saying, "I accept the entire human race in my Son. Ephesians 1:6. Just like praying, the Holy Spirit enables us to be like Jesus.

  3. Here is my witness of a recent incident when prayer was necessary.

    I went to church early last Sabbath to meet some others to prepare for the music portion of the service. I wasn't up to par, and knew I wasn't in the spirit just by how I behaved. That had to stop! I asked if we could pray before we began. In respect to my suggestion, we all knelt down. One of my associates asked that I start since I suggested it. I had to inform her how I wasn't in the right place for that yet and she kindly took over.

    I then proceeded to do my usual when I am in this state. I made my body and mind still. I said "Jesus" and in that instant, He drew me in and I beheld His radiance. (Tears of gratefulness.) And, it was there where I heard the beautiful, spirit-led prayer spoken in love by one of my sisters. We were all now in union with God and ready to serve.

    • Amen. The good thing is that you STILL went to church regardless. Most Laodicean people normally don't. Being humans there are moments when we feel we're not in the spirit. It happens to me few times a week during evening hours. I want to pray before bedtime but I just don't feel the spirit. So this is what I do. I simply kneel down, remain quiet for few minutes, hope and believe that the Holy Spirit is praying on my behalf (Romans 8:26 says He does.)

  4. my thoughts are a bit jumbled, but I will try to get them all down....

    Thank you for this writing. Each time I read anything here it provides me with the chance to reflect on my own life, the life I have given to the Lord. One of the first things that comes to my mind when I hear this scripture quoted is that I think many people believe if they they just pray, then everything will be okay. That is a bit complicated and not always so. Even when pursuing the Lord, we may be doing it selfishly out of our own wants.

    Being humble, seeking, praying, turning your life from sin that is at every corner those require a whole mind/body control and dedication...

    And then having the Lord hear- that may imply we need to await in silence after prayer and throughout the day as our minds meditate on His Word. How many of us actually sit in silence and listen to what the Lord is putting on our hearts versus rushing to seek His help in our current situation or rushing to be granted forgiveness to wipe the slate clean, and then jumping up from prayer to be on our way? Prayer must include quiet time to hear and feel what Jesus is putting on our hearts, to what He is saying.

    Also how many of us when we pray actually pray to the Lord for HIS WILL to be done? I have found myself praying for things before and it is easy to do with all of the troubles that this life has to offer. But the Bible states that "...if we seek him first then all these things shall be added..." I have to constantly remind myself to just pray for His Will in my life, His desires will be my desires, His compassion will be my compassion, His humbleness will be my humbleness and that if He places it on my heart to go somewhere, then it should be my desire and delight to go.....it is a large task, but we must continue to try.

    After all prayer is a form of communication, conversation- which in fact involves two-are we giving Him his turn when we pray? Only when we do will we be assured forgiveness, and in time and in His Way will our "land", the soil of the Earth, perhaps all peoples-made of this soil, will be healed.

    • Boris, I think you did a great job of expressing yourself. Good work in Christ. Your words were so true, and inspiring. God bless.

    • I agree with what you said but let me put this into a more practical sense: I have a friend who is SDA, prays constantly, but has auditory hallucinations, in other words she hears voices. She prays to God, but does not have the luxury of hearing Him back. Her prayers are answered though, when she asks for help from God, but how can she be able to hear the still small voice of God when she has other voices struggling to talk to her?

  5. Prayer as stated by Brother William is the breath of life. Our lungs are programmed to inhale and exhale automatically without involving the brain too much (thinking.) Likewise, we should train our mind to pray ceaselessly and automatically. It's like being in prayer mode always. Are you walking past neighbor's door? Shoot up a quick prayer for them. Did you just fill your car tank with gas, fuel? Shoot up a quick praise in prayer (as Adventists we know that a time will come when we won't be able to buy or sale.) Did you just write a check for your rent? Shoot up a prayer. Enoch mastered this type of 24/7 prayer mode for years before He was no more (Genesis 5:24.)

  6. Hmm, I like golf and golf carts, but I see I would rather be a trolley than a golf cart!! Thanks for the word pictures!! To have Jesus as my one and sole power is what I need. I am thankful for prayer, Bible study and fellowship with other believers that keep me connected to Him!

  7. [Moderator's Note: Please use full names when commenting. Thank you.]

    My soul has been lifted by your comments.
    I agree with u all, Prayer is the only means in which we talk to God and he hears us and we expected to wait and listen while he talks to us too, an by so doing we are being revive daily.

  8. I have been blessed by all the comments.. I recently have been struggling with prayer and staying connected with Christ... My husband and I read a devotion on the "whole hearted" prayer of Hannah... After reading about her testimony I thought to myself , I am so glad she pressed on and remained determined to stay connected to her power source !!!!! She would have missed out the birth of her children...We too must stay connected when we get weak!!!!

  9. Thomas Gigliotti: I believe that our hearts and minds act as batteries, where we store what we learn as we study, pray, or whatever we do, remember the parable of the ten virgins? they all slumbered and slept but some had provisions and some didn't. I don't disagree with the fact that we should be constantly connected to the source of power,but I also believe that we should be absorbing what the source is delivering.for our prayer life to become natural, as breathing,it needs to be ingrained in our brain so that we don't have to think when we do it. Jesus said go ye therefore into all the world Teaching....... Our brain is like a sponge they say! I'm sure the Holy Spirit can use it to teach us,and to help us absorb and retain as He wills. I love this page and all the comments, very uplifting.

    • Thomas,
      I very much like your explanation.
      That is practical explanation of the story - parable of the ten virgins.

  10. Thanks Newton speaking out about the issue of sometimes not being able to pray.It has happened to me many times but I never had the courage to ask for help from anyone because I thought whoever I ask will be quick to judge me than to help me.

    I think I still advice concerning that issue !

  11. Prayer is only beneficial if offered in faith. This means taking God at His word, believing His promises and waiting for His working. Once we have prayed, there should be no anxiety over God's answer, only the desire to know and follow His will once revealed.

    I have found prayer to lead me to be more desirous of knowing God's will and more ready to surrender mine. That seems to be a most important purpose of prayer. Coming into God's real presence by faith is a greater privilege than we often realize, and it's vital for us to realize this. God is listening and is concerned more than we are, especially that we come to see as He sees and realize He can do above all we could ask or think. When I realize He sees tomorrow already and has the best solution and can provide perfect leading for any willing to follow, no matter what, I realize what true peace is. His will and leading will only be good and never bad if we follow it.

    Prayer is both a blessed privilege and absolute necessity for sinners.


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