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Resources for Healthy Small Study Groups — 5 Comments

  1. This is amazing, what a wonderful resource! It is so well balanced, it has all the aspects needed for having a successful small group. I love the fact that the format is flexible enough that it can be applied to the groups needs but it has a strong enough framework to keep the group on track. I am fascinated by the format of reading a passage and then asking questions, it is challenging as there are no set answers so it requires participation by the group. It is also practical in that it asks how a learning or new understanding can be applied to each ones life.

    Thank you William for sharing this excellent resource so that all are enabled to have a small group ministry.

  2. That was a great small group. 35 yrs ago things were so so different. People life have become so hectic these days. Many, if any middle age or older people want to become a part of a group because of their age. Some say leave it to younger people. Many older people have not embraced virtual small groups( teams, zooms) etc. I have a lot of time on hand with not much to do, so I choose to go to work. Some choose to stay at home in front of the TV, some do other things.


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