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  1. This week we will be studying about the spiritual war in which we are part of.There are weapons we are to use to repel the attacks of the Devil and his forces who remain invisible to our eyes.In the Great Controversy,we are to decide the side.

    We are being commanded(not encouraged)-
    (i)to stand firm(Ephesians 6:11)
    (ii)to be strong(Ephesians 6:10)
    (iii)to put on the full armour(Ephesians 6:11).

    In the midst of mighty waves of resistance,we are to remain steadfast.

    We have no reason to lose.

    We have no reason to be afraid.

  2. I find it so appropriate that the author, on the first day of this topic, calls on the story of Elisha and his servant, apparently faced with overwhelming odds, with an army surrounding the city, ready to capture Elisha who was revealing enemy secrets to the king of Israel. (You can read the whole delightful story in 2 Ki. 6:6-20. Along with the singing army, that's one of my favorite Bible stories. )

    The servant saw only the surrounding army, leaving him and his master no way of escape. But Elijah saw the heavenly army protecting him and his work for the Lord, and he asked the Lord to open his servant's eyes.

    Too often we are much like that servant. We see the world around us and see ourselves as slogging along, trying to do our best to serve our Lord. We fail to see the wider view - the heavenly agencies completely invested in our success as heaven's ambassadors.

    We are engaged in a spiritual battle that involve the whole universe. It is a battle of ideas, of systems of government: God's government of self-renouncing love and service versus Satan's government of self-exaltation and power over others. Which is the better way to rule the universe?

    When we rightly view this battle, we can know that our victory is assured. Christ has made a way for us, and we may live above petty earthly conflicts and demonstrate His character of love in the way we interact with those around us. We may not have the power, but He has abundant power that He wants us to use to demonstrate His character.

    Too often we fail to realize that all our decisions count either for God's side of the battle or Satan's side. I hope that our lessons this week will help each of us to realize not only the cosmic scope of this battle but also our key role in it. On which side do our actions today count?

  3. Before a soldier can go up to the battle, he is equipped with all the necessary tools and training to engage in the battle successfully. I see "the call to stand" to be pro-active as well as reactive when applied by those prepared in such a way that they can be confident in their preparation – Deut. 20:3-4; 2 Kings 6:17.

    As the battle field is our life and the battle about how we live it, we are being prepared by understanding what we are fighting for and how to stand strong when coming up against challenges along the way. As 'soldiers', we are always ready, always girded with 'the breastplate of faith and love whiles wearing the helmet of the hope of salvation.' 1Thess.5:8

    I can ‘see’ the battlefield laid out clearly, but I do not always ‘see’ heaven's battle-strategy governing this by faith fought spiritual battle. But I know one thing for certain – I trust Jesus Christ as the Son of God to have come to save me! I trust His Word given to train and equip me to stand strong in this life-long battle and that He will never leave me nor forsake me - Heb.13:5.

    John 8:12-36 - v.31-32; 36 “… If you abide in my word you are truly my disciples, and you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” v.36 - “So, if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” When we stand strong in the Lord, we will not be defeated!

  4. In the midst of the struggles of this life, what vision do we have regarding everything that is happening? Has our vision been only in the earthly, material scope? Or have we seen something else based on what the Word of God teaches us?

    The apostle Paul responded in part to these questions by saying the following: “If our hope... is limited to this life alone, we are the most unhappy of all men.”(I Cor. 15:19).

    This means we have to see
    something more and exercise the firmness of our faith for our participation in the Great Controversy.

  5. Armor! That's the word for me today. Do you feel like you are having too great difficulties? There is a God Whom you think you can't see but Who is constantly trying to show Himself through numerous material proofs and will never let you down. Are you still breathing? Give thanks, wear God's armor/shield of LOVE by faith, and be victorious!


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