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  1. There was war in heaven before there was any fighting on earth (Revelation 12:7). Yet fighting was not God’s idea for angels or men. It was the dragon who initiated this. It started with what seemed to some angels to be fair competition.

    Lucifer first competed with Christ for the honor and loyalty of angels. He sought to be Archangel, instead of the Son, and managed to draw one third of the heavenly beings (Revelation 12:4). Ultimately he desired to be like the Most High, for having dwelt in the presence of the Father he recognized there could be nothing higher or greater (Isaiah 14:14).

    The spirit of competition which the dragon (serpent) later introduced to the earth (Genesis 3:5) has served as the pilot light for many infernos of wars and rumors of wars. It reached a tipping point at the Flood (Genesis 6:11) and approaches yet another as we get close to the Second Coming of Christ (Mark 13:7; Revelation 6:4).

    The widespread culture of competition may seem harmless to many. Yet it works against selflessness. It is born with a desire to outdo another, to gain the supremacy, to be on top, and be recognized as such. By the fallen nature of mankind it soon matures into fierce rivalry and jealousy as is apparent in many sporting arenas. Given favorable circumstances or a compelling incentive it may graduate to open conflict or war.

    All fights, including in the church are the result of an unwillingness to submit, yield or lose, and a determination to get the better of another or more than another. Power struggles are just that. We ought to be mindful not to feed the spirit of competition, for it produces the beast of war (Proverbs 17:1).

    Michael (Jesus) had to fight back in Heaven to save the Kingdom and defend His Father’s honor (Revelation 12:8-10). If tempted to get into a fight you may decline because Jesus will fight for you as long as you are on His side (Exodus 14:14). If not you have lost anyway, and it is a good time to switch sides.

  2. If there is a place that should be a fountain and oasis of joy should be a Home.Unfortunately many of our Adventist families have failed to prove a better place of hope and joy to mnany including the unbelievers.Its unfortunately that some of these fights begins from christians pecieved homes.we need to begin praying that can revive our homes as for them being models to the fallen family Units.

  3. "...who we are within ourselves" I believe is the key concept here - the goal, as it were - in the battle with self. The self-discipline developed in many endeavors, not the least of which in sports, strengthens one for this ultimate & noble fight. Like sports, many earthly endeavors can be taken out of proper Godly context and devolve into tit-for-tat battles (or worse). I think the vivid analogy of "running the race," which Bible writers employed on multiple occasions, validates the seeking of greater self-discipline through sport, which when properly viewed (in my humble opinion) can evoke this seeking in participants. Just as we sharpen each other as "iron sharpens iron" (as we'll see in the study of Proverbs chapter 27), so it is in athletic competition, where the potential for healthful personal growth, in such key areas as self-discipline, fitness, diet, graciousness in defeat, & even humility - especially in victory - are plenteous.

  4. Humility is the key component. Seeking to please God will enable each person to overcome tthe desire to want to be in control at all times. I believe that pride and arrogance play a huge roll during church meetings and interactions with others. Especially when the person does not agree with certain topics or outcomes. We must always keep in mind that it is not about us. It's about God and His divine plans for our salvation. Keep God in everything that you do or say.

  5. Self is our greatest enemy. Even though sometimes even as devoted and religious Christians, we cannot help finding ourselves engaging into serious arguments with our brethren over church assignments, heating up a conversation with our family member about a house project so on and so forth. We want our word to be validated, to be heard which is so identifying with Lucifer. Power struggle. He wanted to have dominion. He did all the trouble in Heaven to prove that he is somebody. Like Lucifer, we cannot go far if we have a haughty spirit. I think the only way to end a fight is to put self aside and allow others and the Holy Spirit in. This is my prayer that we can all apply these lessons to our daily lives.

  6. Its sad dat our conflicts as Adventists hav delayed the coming of our Lord Jesus.This has been proved because many souls outside church have failed to realise hope in the earthly Gods family unit ad beyond.we ought to revisit and reunit our famly prayer meetngs everyday the we renew our marital vows before the ministers who stood on behave of God.Let's convince da unbelievers that's we are reliable representatives of Gods famly on earth indeed.This weeks study is the best solution to our broken heart,homes and relatoinships even as desire to be saved some day as Jesus our Role model comes harvest this soon to be conveted sinful world.may God help us benefit from this study.let's reflect back on how we've misled our own families we belong to and the Communities we belong to.let's pray that God can forgive and begine new life styles this coming week even as endover to true representatives of God and Christians.Amen

  7. Fighting is the climax of the heated anger/arguement. It indates a bad relationship and it is cause by all evils acts.. As Christian we are not of this world we are different. We are the light if this dark world so all our deeds must reflect our Christ like character. This week study told us to be humility in order to overcome anger. God is love so as the children and citizen to be of the great city of which base its foundation on love principles we must uphold the principle..
    God bless Happy Sabbath

  8. We have to ask God to help us to surrender our hearts to him and abide in him , this is the only way we can have peace in the home.


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