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Sabbath: From Mystery to Revelation — 7 Comments

  1. Daniel 2 is the "Big Picture" chapter for the rest of the book and sets the background for all the other prophecies.

    If you watch just about any movie the basic plot goes like this:

    1) There are the goodies and the baddies,
    2) The goodies and the baddies are in conflict,
    3) It appears that the baddies are winning, and finally,
    4) At the height of the suspense, the goodies and the hero come though and win!

    Is Daniel 2 any different, or perhaps, did Daniel 2 set the standard?

    Here is something to think about this week. I see a theme of renewal coming through in the Bible. Does Daniel 2 have renewal as its theme?

    By the way if you have not already done so, I invite you to read the whole of Daniel 2 right through in one sitting this week. That way I think the big picture stands out more clearly.

  2. Guidance from the Holy Spirit.

    It is God alone who knows tomorrow and the future. He sends The Holy Ghost and Angels to speak to us in all manner of ways. He gives wisdom, knowledge and understanding to those who seek same.
    I turned up to work earlier in this year thinking I was supposed to work. I was told if I wanted to stay I can do a certain task. Several times before I did not go in to do that specific task (the task has to be calculated then preform). I was very nervous about it but I prayed and asked for understanding and courage to do it. I decided to stay to do the task. Policy says two people must check and sign off. I had the second person checked and sign off. During the process, something was labeled wrong but we managed to bypass same. At the end I gave God the praise and thanks for helping me.
    Knowledge belongs to God, the dream was difficult and the Lord in his wisdom, gave The King the dream and not Daniel. He also caused him to forget it.
    That shew the King that his men had no understanding of true wisdom, knowledge nor understanding. It also indicated that the false god who they trusted can’t help.

  3. Essentially, Jesus only refers to one item from the Book of Daniel mainly from Daniel 8:13 in Matthew 24:15 (The abomination of desolation.) The Book of Daniel has only 12 chapters with about half of them being symbolic prophecies. Then Jesus gives His Apostle John a revelation that makes up 24 chapters of symbolic prophecies (twice as long as Daniel's Book.) Jesus' own prophecies mainly cover two chapters in the Gospel of Matthew 24 and 25. Then the Apostle Paul goes on to essentially say that "faith, Hope, and Love," are way more important than knowing and understanding all prophecy.

    • In a nutshell, there is evidence of God at work in history. In spite of the conflict we see on the surface, God's purpose runs deep and sure.

  4. My name is Monica Brathwaite I'm from Barbados West Indies I was living abroad in the United States of America for 27 years I came home on November 20th, 2018 and when I turn on my television and I saw hope Sabbath School I started to study the Bible, and immediately I fall in love with it.
    That was in June I believe, 2019, and everything else I was watching and I grew a lot in learning the Bible along with a patient.
    I'm so thankful to you, the pastor, and all the students, thank you and God bless.


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