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  1. I am not sure whether it will come out in this weeks lesson or not, but the confession of Nehemiah 9 is a national confession. It describes the corporate sins of the nation and their forefathers. It is probably fair to say that we probably have a more personal view of sin and wrong doing, but this week we should probably think about national and church sin as well.

    In Australia recently, we have had to deal with the issue of "the stolen generation" where Aboriginal children were forcibly removed from their families and placed in foster care in a misguided attempt to civilise them. It has taken a long time for Australia to come to terms with the consequences of that action and to say sorry to those who were deeply affected by it. It is still an ongoing process.

    How important is it to recognise corporate/national sin even though we personally did not take part in it?

  2. “He who covers his sins will not prosper, but whoever confesses and forsakes them will have mercy” (Proverbs 28:13, NKJV).
    covers - Most of the time we are conscious about what we are doing is wrong. We try to hide what we are doing.
    Shall not prosper - The consequences of sin will surely find you.
    Reading of the law exposed the sinfulness of the people.
    Romans 3:20
    20 Therefore no one will be justified in His sight by works of the Law. For the Law merely brings awareness of sin.
    Don't worry about the law. Forget about it. It can't be obeyed. God knows we are sinful people. why?
    1 John 3:4
    4 Everyone who practices sin practices lawlessness as well. Indeed, sin is lawlessness.
    No wonder satan is satisfied with us saying do what is right in your own eyes.

    But - "but" is a conjunction that indicates the next clause will contradict the previous one.
    Whoever confess
    David is a murderer. committed adultery but he tasted the forgiveness of God.
    We human beings love to compare sins. We know sin is sin but of course there are levels of sin.
    What did Saul do that was so bad compared to David?
    ! Samuel 15
    Three times Samuel asks Saul did you do the will of God.
    Three times Saul defends his disobedience.
    2 Samuel 12:13
    13 Then David said to Nathan, “I have sinned against the LORD.” “The LORD has taken away your sin,” Nathan replied. “You will not die.

    David says, "I have sinned against the Lord"
    Nathan, "The Lord has taken away your sin."
    You will not die - David Life eternal is yours.

    Surrender to him acknowledging your weakness. Human reasoning cannot and will not put away sin.

    Come home! come home!
    Ye who are weary, come home!
    Earnestly, tenderly, Jesus is calling,
    Calling, O sinner, come home!

    It takes much more energy to fight against the Love of God.
    What is stopping you today from surrendering?

  3. Sweet Holy Spirit,sweet heavenly Guide stay right here with us.
    It is the Holy Ghost in one's life that makes the difference.

    Our forgiving God.
    God is forgiving, it is who he is, it is his nature. He cannot do anything else but to forgive when we asked him to. Humans are sinful by nature. We sin hourly and daily.
    In his prayer Matt 6:9-13. And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors. Here we are telling the Lord we did him wrong, whether we knew or remember, or did not know but asking him to reconcile us. We are acknowledging our wrong like the thief on the right hand of Jesus on the cross.
    While he is a forgiving God, when we go to him for forgiveness, we have to forgive those who have wrong us no matter how the sin was grievous and hurtful. We have no other choice but to forgive them. I can mention from Lucifer, Adam and Eve down to those in Rev who have done Jesus wrong. But what about us today, yes, us today, have we sin and come short of his glory. Did we lie, steal, bear false witness, covet, use his name in vain. Did we asked for forgiveness? Someone must have hurt us today or our love ones, how did we responded?
    In time pass I heard people have said when someone hurt them on the sabbath, "let Miss/Mister so and so wait until after the sabbath and I will give him the length of my tongue". This is premeditate sin, then they will go and ask for forgiveness, just for the same to repeat the next sabbath.
    I personally finds myself in the same place and predicament like Paul> Roman 7:15. Wanting to do right, but still doing wrong. Wanting not to sin, but still sinning. When I woke up in the morning my intention was not to sin, but I sin never the less. But because I have a loving High Priest, a forgiving Father I go to him in repentant and ask not only for forgiveness but to have victory over sin.
    Don't know about others but don't you feel sick of doing the wrong over and over again? You know you are about to lie but you do it anyhow.Like you are trapped.

  4. Did we have numbered of times that human confesses sin to God or should we continue asking for forgiveness even when we knew that we are committing the same and particular that is not good?


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