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  1. My Jesus i love u for giving me salvation, i accept ur death on the cross. I surrender to ur authority, work in me and help me. On my own i can't. I really wanna thank u face to face. For u became human just for us, so that we will be save, u let go ur omnipresent just for us. I appreciate ur unconditional love for me. THANK YOU JESUS!!!!!!!!!!. I know ma brethren feel d same. God bless u saints of GOD.

  2. Oh what a wonderful Savior. Weak is the effort of my heart and cold my warmest thought but the Lord says I have pay it all for I care. Thank you Jesus for saving me and the saints

  3. Father, without you we are nothing, it is so easy to be side tracked without your guidance so I am asking you to please continue to be merciful to us and continue to help us be more like you. Help us to accept and appreciate your death as payment for our sins and live the way you want us to so we can be an example to others and have no fear for death.

  4. I've heard this saying often. "Death is part of life." By studying the Bible I understand that we are actually the walking dead until we find the giver of life, Christ the Savior. Since Jesus revealed himself to me Thirty some odd years ago I've known what true life is, that is when we are connected to the source which is Jesus Christ. I still experience walking-death when I seem to brake that connection. It is as different as night and day. Thank God He is always there to accept us back into the light where life exists.


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