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The Personality of the Holy Spirit – David Ascherick — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks Inge for finding these videos and posting them on ssnet. After watching his explanation of the Godhead, it makes perfect sense of the trinity. Thank you.

  2. Does God consist of a Father, a Mother, and a Child? How was Adam made in God's image and likeness. How does this thought compare with the following statement?

    “When Adam came from the Creator’s hand, he bore, in physical, mental, and spiritual nature, a likeness to his Maker. ‘God created man in His own image’ (Genesis 1:27), and it was His purpose that the longer man lived the more fully he should reveal this image--the more fully reflect the glory of the Creator. All his faculties were capable of development; their capacity and vigor were continually to increase.” (Ed. 15.1)

    Does this indicate several people as we see it or does it indicate a single being made up of three individuals like God, the Creator?

  3. I think this video is one of the clearest apologetics on the trinity I have ever heard. I am glad Inge posted it.


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