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  1. Many years ago I was at a seminar on the sanctuary and the teacher said that unless we understood the sancturay we can not be saved. Well, I rebelled against that because I knew we are saved by our faith, and the grace of Jesus Christ. However in a sense he was right. How can we fully understand the gift of God to us if we don't understand the sanctuary? How can we fully appreaciate what He has done for us unless we study the sanctuary? How can we have a true relationship with Christ, cognigent of His and our Fathers characters if we don't digest the sanctuary? We must take the opertunity to be familiar with the sancturay God has set up for us to dwell with Him. It really wouldn't hurt to take this lesson and review it from time to time next quarter, 2014,2015,2016... I know we are motivated out of love but weekly and even daily knowledge of what Christ has done for us(the sanctuary), keeps that love relationship fueled. We don't have to study of how to flirt with Jesus, it comes natural the more we know Him. John 17:3. John 14:7. The stronger the love relationship the more love He bestows, thus the devils accusations are not absorbed. I do believe the Holy Spirt blows those acccusations by us. Why would He do that? Because of our good relationship with Him.
    Have a Christ filled week!

    • I believe the whole plan of salvation centers in the sanctuary. Hebrew worship was centered on the earthly sanctuary. For instance, when Daniel prayed three times a day, he faced toward the sanctuary in Jerusalem, even though he was in Babylon.

      The book of Hebrews explains how the earthly sanctuary typified the real heavenly sanctuary. And it directs us to center our worship on Christ in that heavenly sanctuary. The book of Revelation is all about Christ and His leading of His church, and it is revealed against backdrops of the Sanctuary.

      So, yes, an understanding of the sanctuary helps us to have an intelligent understanding of the work of Christ in our behalf. But even then we can only begin to understand the plan of salvation. As I understand it, none who will be saved will have a "complete" and "perfect" understanding. That will be our study for eternity.

      So for anyone to say that not understanding a particular facet of truth, such as the sanctuary, will prevent people from being saved does seem a little presumptuous.

      On the other hand, if we look forward to eternity, we will certainly be eager to understand all we can about the work of Christ through the lessons He has already shared with us 🙂


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