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  1. My 79yr old dad (Tony)fell down his basement stairs last night. He broke several ribs. Is in the hospital now, I beg all your prayers for his physical healing, but most of all his mental/spiritual healing.

    I consider all that read this ssnet lesson my brothers and sisters, thank you for consideration.

    God bless us all this season.


    • I pray and hope he's doing good now,the devil is a liar,he here to kill off God chosen people.But I bleed the blood of Jesus to remove satan out of your family.God is the healer and I pray earnestly,that God will restored him. god is not for God,what he say he will do it.God bless you and you fam .....Love Maxine.

    • my mother gone holiday to thailand . i pray for your vater, he may com back from hospital in good health like my mother fom her vacaction. Greetings from brother Franz in switzerland happy sabbatday to you chs and courage with JESUS CHRIST IN HEAVEN

      • Thank you all for your prayers. My dad got back home Tuesday evening and is recovering splendidly!

        Now we are looking for a different house here in Walla Walla WA.(single level). Hallelujah!

        Keep the prayers coming! And again, gratitude for all...

        God bless this ssnet family!

  2. “… Increasing income follows the law of diminishing returns…” How true??? I can testify to that as I've BTDT…! I also agree, ‘contentment’ is a gift that I wouldn’t trade for any amount of wealth.

  3. Indeed the best things are freely given. How often have we neglected this that we realize it when its too late to reverse. Think of how many divorce cases you hear of every day just because someone felt neglected as the other was busy pursuing wealth. How much have we lost in our lives in one way or the other just because we were not contented with what we had/have! Contentment is one of the hardest attributes of character to achieve, God is faithful and just to bestow upon us His free gifts only if we are willing to yield to His commanding voice. He says"Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you" Just imagine all things,but the prerequisite is to seek His kingdom first and this does not come on a silver platter, it requires faith!

  4. Indeed we can have it all, we lack not even a thing. Silver and gold belongs to him.We stand to gain all if we faithfully seek first the kingdom of God

  5. its so inspiring, thanks for your comments. its so difficult with our ability to do His will in this corrupt world where everyone thinks that money is the only thing we need. Many people they rob God's time whilst they are hunting for money. Lets be content and praise God.


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