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  1. To get away from the counsel of scripture one might simply say “Jesus is the Truth” and stop there. Really this does not mean much apart from the truth of the word (John 17:17). The Bible quotes demons as acknowledging Jesus as divine, but their rebellion against God’s words made it bad news (Matthew 8:29).

    So what is the truth of scripture? Does truth work around culture and lifestyle? Is ‘thou shalt not smoke’ truth although it cannot be found in scripture? Hopefully most would not challenge the notion that God is against His people smoking; for even non-believers recognize this is to be avoided.

    Truth then is not exclusively the letter of scripture, but what God desires or approves. While the Bible provides the framework and principles it does not give all the details of truth. And so the Holy Spirit takes what is read in the Bible and leads into all truth (John 16:13), including in areas which one might think off-limits.

    With little, if any exception the Spirit does not audibly speak directly to us. Rather we are moved or urged in the right directions by inaudible promptings. As we become receptive He speaks indirectly through the words of scripture, through spirit of prophecy and through fellow believers. It takes humility to accept the latter two, and especially the last.

    Here is where many have a problem. There is a tendency to reject the counsel of spirit of prophecy or fellow believers which challenges the preset opinion, even though it might be an expression of truth from the Holy Spirit.

    Those who follow the Holy Spirit humbly allow the same Spirit to speak through His prophet or their brethren. They prayerfully consider the counsel and test if there is a firm connection with principles which are already made plain (1 Thessalonians 5:20, 21) or if it moves them in the right direction, including when it clashes with culture and lifestyle.

    The average Christian seeks affirmation. The faithful seek direction, for they cannot afford to trust themselves. Could the Holy Spirit speak to you through a neighbor, even an unconverted one?

    • Thanks for the word Hugh. True, it's not only the "letter" but also the "spirit" of the word - the principle. It must be based on God's word and His character even if it's not letter for letter in scripture

  2. “When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they can seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Think of it--always.” The only truth is found in God...

  3. When the author says that Solomon´s proverbs show parallels with Egyptian texts makes me wonder as a Bible student the interesting relation between God´s people and the nation of Egypt. See some examples:Egypt became a refugee in the history of Joseph although later the situation became terrible slavery, and another example is Jesus´s family going to Egypt in his early days to flee from Herod's persecution, again Egypt became a refugee. This week we learn that some wise words of truth are adapted from Egypt, another time Egypt is seen as a refugee to God´s people.

  4. Not necessarily for publishing.

    There appears to be an error in the last sentence of the second paragraph. Instead of "Some truths apply universally, to everyone." the paper version of the quarterly has "It is important to remember that God's truths apply universally, to everyone." which is more consistent with the paragraph.

  5. Inlge -thanks for being so humble. Your response shows me that humility is expressed even among our publishers. That the Holy Spirit is leading and guiding His people in these lesson studies. A willingness to except correction to me is an indicator that God is working His plans through our lesson studies.

  6. It is important that we answer the following questions as we discuss this week's lesson guide:
    1. What is truth?
    2. What are sources of truth?
    3. What is present truth?
    4. How should we relate with truth?

    Happy Sabbath


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