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  1. I am encouraged that more of God's people are seeking to internalize God's Word. By internalize, I mean memorize and meditate and live-out the Word. The first step, memorizing, may seem too difficult for some (as it was for me at first). It may seem too mechanical for others. But, for me, it has been a foundation for spiritual strength and for witnessing. Looking at Proverbs 22:18, yes, for me it certainly is "a pleasant thing if you keep them within you." And having them fixed on my lips (ibid.) has empowered me to "answer words of truth" (vs 21).

  2. SDA’s place much emphasis on the knowledge of truth, and rightly so. However there is something greater which could use more attention. Attitude is more important than knowledge. In the judgment there is no test of knowledge, but there is a test of attitude or character. Among the saved will be some who lacked much of the knowledge of present day SDA’s.

    The attitude approved by the Creator is the one which seeks first to please Him and bears a humble character. This means a willingness to listen, and not just to object to that which sounds different. Even within the remnant fold it is easy to get things wrong, and go off on a bad course. The earnest desire to please God will stir the believer to listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit in every worthwhile discussion.

    Not merely content to be in the right church or claim the right doctrine, as the faithful learn more they apply this knowledge of truth to their life because nothing is more important than honoring their Lord and nothing brings greater glory to Jehovah than a life pleasing to Him.

    The faithful also gladly do their Master’s bidding by sharing what they know with others. As they do so they listen, and the cycle repeats – Listen – Apply – Share.

    When the Lord makes up His jewels He will be more concerned about how knowledge was applied than with extent of knowledge. The exercise of faith to please God will make a difference (Hebrews 11:6).

  3. I like the illustration the lesson author gives of eating and digesting each lesson. It reminds me there are many aspects to the character of the LORD that He wishes to re-create in our hearts.
    Just as in a many course meal we take each portion one at a time and appreciate its beauty, savour its aroma, taste it, chew it and digest it so it becomes part of our make up, so it is with our study of the Word. Because we are individuals we might each be at a different stage of our spiritual meal but most of us understand that there is a whole meal.

    For me what I appreciate about the portion dished up today is knowing the truth, being settled in the truth and being able to share this truth from the Word with others who come and ask me.

  4. It is so encouraging to me that instructions are there for us to have trust in the Lord(Proverbs 22:19). Sometimes when we are instructed we feel like we are being yoked yet in the true sense it is to benefit our own lives.

  5. Knowledge is like a 3-foot stool.
    When I know, I must do. When i know and do, my witness will be genuine and effective. But if I go about doing and sharing without correct knowledge, I will lead others and myself astray from the Father's way. Thus KNOWLEDGE OBEDIENCE and SHARING are INSEPARABLE! Let us by God's wonderful grace enjoy the meal served today, and invite someone else to the table!
    God bless you all!

  6. Hugh, I really appreciate your perspective on this which you articulately and beautifully express. My heart concurs wholly with the humble attitude of looking for divine truth in every conversation.

  7. I for one have gotten to place where it becomes a struggle to keep from mental sentimentalism as to what we as Seventh Day Adventist hold as truth. In one way we are thought to hold on to every morsel of truth from Gods word. However in some cases the Church seems to have shifted focus and is desirous of more contemporary ways to spread " Truth" to the unsaved and unknowing of truth.@Hugh Dalhouse you mention that our attitude is in need of adjustment when we share this gospel truth. Does it mean that we are to transform ourselves or the gospel in order to appear kinder when spreading this good news as we call it?

    • Kathy,
      Thanks for your feedback. Firstly we cannot transform ourselves (Jeremiah 13:33) and the Gospel is not variable (Galatians 1:8-10). The comment is not about methods of evangelism or appearance (kindness) to others, although that may be a positive by-product. It is primarily pointing to the reason for knowledge of truth.

      Without a sincere desire to please our Maker knowledge of truth is of little value at best and dangerous at worst. Lucifer, the most knowledgeable created being, by virtue of his exalted position and closeness to God (Ezekiel 28:11-18) first used his vast knowledge to unsettle heaven, and later as Satan to wreck the earth.

      Lacking a passion to please God truth is likely to be treated like common knowledge or otherwise lightly by one who believes he has it covered. He may lose grasp of the humility required to keep growing thinking he has all he needs, and therefore discuss only to tell and not listen. His satisfaction will be having the truth, not having it effect a transformation (John 17:17). He may use it to boast or to prove his right position more than to advance salvation.

      We can learn from even those who are generally wrong or less knowledgeable (child). Every time we repeat truth it should speak to us (the speakers) and help to shape the thoughts and ennoble the character. It is better to lose a truth debate and have someone drawn closer to Christ than to win and make no difference.

      And yes the please God first attitude will likely result in a kinder gentler interaction, especially if preceded by prayer and attended by the Holy Spirit.

  8. The illustration given (ingesting food, digesting it, it becoming a part of us and shows from the outside - our build) is interesting. We must know the Word/truth naturally as opposed to mechanically "flashing out" wat is not a part of us. Sharing the word won't be a struggle - it must naturally show since its a part of us.

    Like Gilmore, I've benefited a lot from memorisation of scripture. Once upon a time as a child, memorisation of scripture used to be mechanical but today (few months now) the Word leaves me changed within. It's something I cannot explain but so real in my recent christian walk. It gives me this zeal to share my experience with the Word. Prov 22:20-21 is actually one of my memorised scriptures!

  9. Its very interesting indeed to share the knowledge which is the truth. By our character people will know what we are made of. Therefore. I consider we need to marry knowledge of the truth with character as expressed by Hugh to be able to articulate the gospel to our listeners the better.


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