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  1. James 5:13
    Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms.

    Whether we suffer physical (labouring) or emotional pain or whether in joyous times, we ought to be in one same mode of "prayer and praise". Oft times wen it hurts, we say "ouch" or even negative words and wen it's all rosy we go to other extreme of partying.

    Yes, that's natural but James encourages us, being children of God to transcend the natural and always be in "prayer and praise".

    There's power in praise Ps 22:3. God inhabits (our praises) the praises of Israel

    See commentary on James 5:13 by T.F. Lockyear in Pulpit Commentary Homiletics

    For the natural effect of pain on the natural heart of man is to make it fretful and impatient.

    How readily we vent our joy in levity and hilarious mirth!

    And so with all the manifold experiences of life, of which these are but two typical examples: all our life, waking and sleeping, work or rest, pleasure or pain, is to be a life in God.

  2. Today's message encouraged me very much, thank you. I am just curious: is it possible to sing the Psalms in my Bible just like any other song?

    • Yes, the psalms are meant to be sung. Unfortunately we don't have the original music any more.

      However, some composers have set many psalms to music. And if you like, you can sing any song to your own tune or any other tune that fits or can be made to fit.

      Enjoy the psalms!

  3. singing, reading and praying songs and hymns of praise lift my spirits to soaring heights even when I I am feeling low. There was a time not too long ago when my daughter asked me a question: She said "Mom why don't you sing anymore?" I realized then that I hadn't been singing in a long time, not with my heart at least, not around the house as I was want to. I had been wondering where my joy had gone to. I was going through a difficult time and singing was the lastthing I wanted to do. When she pointed this out to me. the flood gates opened. I cried out to the Lord and begged him to restore my joy.
    He did!!!
    No, my troubles didn't get washed away in the flood, but I am filled with joy and I sing once more.

  4. After my devotional and earnest and fervent prayer to the Lord, my heart and my lips sing an old song that I knew since I was a teenager. I make a note of those songs in a little notebook. Praise the Lord for prayer and songs of praise!

  5. Amen brethren. Let's also read scripture more, to know who our God is and how great He is. Then even in our prayers we will adore Him as we praise Him.

    There's the acronym "ACTS" abt what must consist of prayer. "A" for adoration, "C" for confession, "T" for thanksgiving and "S" for supplication. So whenever we pray, let's heavily utilise the adoration part to just repeat who our God is and how great He is. He's God and there is no other. Isa 45:5! We can only adore in fullness when we know Him and we can only know Him thru His word and our experiences.

  6. I would think that the poster of the sslessons would post a picture of a smart phone with icons of sda hymnal, EGW writings, SDABible with EGW comments, BibleGateway, Bliblica, ASI, Maranatha, LightBearers, and many others we have as our modern day tools. Not to condem, but as a suggestion. A very good lesson, I love the ss lessons. Nzooma, great comments. I attended lecture at campmeeting that taught us the ACTS of prayer. Thank you for the reminder. I do believe we will be doing a lot of Adoration, thanksgiving, and testimony of what Christ has done for us in heaven, we can start here.
    Praise God From Who All Blessings Flow, Talents, and Intestional Fortatude to Carry Them Out, and for my faithful heart beat. Amen!

  7. Many of us see God as Santa Claus. We go to Him when we need something and sometimes don't even say thanks. Too many of us have the nine lepers syndrome. The attitude of only praying when things go wrong or only praising when things are good is a manifestation of ungratefulness and taking God's love for granted.

    We don't even deserve His goodness yet ,because of His mercy He doesn't treat us as we should really be treated. Sis Ellen White, in one her writings said that when we murmur and complain we add bitterness to an already bitter situation.On the other hand,when things go right we forget God. Many of us are not growing because we do not endeavor to learn and develop in the school of tribulation. Many of us could have been more prosperous if the Lord hadn't seen that we would have been distracted from Him.

    Let us ask the Lord to help us to deal with every situation the way He would so that we can be victorious and live with Him as a faithful servant.

  8. Amen and so true Herscher and Brown. We ought to begin adoring here because it's by knowing and our experiences with Him that adoration comes. And the issue of Santa Claus so true. Our praise must be unconditional because God is God all the time, from everlasting to everlasting and He will never change. It is His being and capability (whether He does for us or not He doesn't cease to be) that we adore. Great insights there, thanks

  9. This week lesson is talking to me, I pray that it will get into my heart and make me the true child of God.I really appreciate what your doing it helps us a lot.
    Wish to get the Sabbath lessons in Zulu if possible, thanking you in advance

  10. Too many believers think of God as sheltered far away somewhere in the deep Heavens. For this reason, believers have accustomed their views that when we pray, because we do not see Him, we hoped that our prayers will find its way up to Him somehow and may be He will answer it when He is ready. When Jesus Christ came into the world, through Him, "God rescued us from the dominion of darkness and transferred us to the Kingdom of His Son through His death on the cross." (Colossians 1: 13, 14). So what does this really mean? At the cross, God tore down every wall of separation between us and Him. In other words, Christ removed the Outer Court of our dwelling and took us with Him into His Holy Place of His Tabernacle; "And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with Him in the heavenly realms in Christ Jesus." (Ephesians 2: 6). With Christ the Curtain between the Tabernacle and the Most Holy Throne Seat of God, (Hebrews 10: 20); He is at the very right hand of God. In doing so, there is no separation between us and God; we are in the very presence of God. This is the Gospel; "the Power of God that brings Salvation to all who believes." (Romans 1: 16). This is where we are; we have been brought into God's Holy presence through our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall trouble or hardship or persecution or famine or nakedness or danger or sword? (Romans 8: 35). So when the apostle James says; if anyone is in trouble," remember, we are in God's ever reaching Holy presence. He is ever watching us with everlasting eyes of Love, as we are the fleshly family of His Son, Jesus Christ. Since we are the family of God, "Let us then approach God’s throne of grace with confidence, so that we may receive mercy and find grace to help us in our time of need." (Hebrews 4: 16).


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