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  1. I agree 100% with you on this one pastor William 🙂

    As an engineer I was trained to fix problems (or at least alleviate the problem). If there were no problems, there wouldn't be a need for an engineer. This probably applies to most (value-adding) work.

    I have taken on maths tutoring since 2008 and have been allowed by God to assist hundreds of students directly. My God-given talent is to teach. So, I have always loved it. I use the maths tutoring as a means to share King Jesus with the student or people around the student (what you once described as "stealth evangelism" ... I love the term 🙂 )

    A principle that guides me is : "When the student is ready, the teacher appears.", Buddha. Most times, I learn from my students better ways to listen and to be patient. These are the key skills for teaching. It makes me a better at fulfilling my mandate (Matthew 4:19 KJV) and "That’s Why I’m Here".

    Another personal motto I use is : "If you are not learning, you are dying." So, I am 46 years old now & I learn everyday. I love it. It is so cool to be taught by Him 🙏

    Praise be to King Jesus 🙏

  2. (THANK YOU FATHER for this message from Pastor William!)
    Pastor William:
    I SO desperately needed to get this message! I live in a dry & thirsty land in my own home. This has been so for many, many years. I get tired, weary, & discouraged. Please pray for me that I can practice kindness & that my spouse can see Jesus in me by the power of the Holy Spirit.
    Thank you for your prayers,

    • Praying for you sister Rhoda. Never give up. GOD keeps all His promises even when we are no longer around to see the fulfilment.

    • Keep holding on and praying in faith sister Rhoda. GOD keeps all His promises even when we are no longer around to experience their fulfilment for the salvation of others.

  3. So grateful for this message pastor Earnhardt. I really needed to read this. Oftentimes messages are given that portray the more glamorous, successful side of mission outreach and evangelism. Which though enjoyable and uplifting they are not as encouraging and uplifting as those that show the apparently doomed and not as glamorous side of mission. It gives me the strength and courage to press on in spite of what is going on around. May GOD grant me to continue even when l myself am feeling dry and parched, thirsty for the HOLY SPIRIT. GOD bless you pastor.

    • I am grateful for your weekly post pastor William.

      Your posts are thought provoking and allows me to perform self introspection on items that I didn't do before.

  4. I like the comment of Pastor William Earnhardt on problem focused hospitality. This makes me think of a new approach to our Laodicean Message: Christ, knocking at the door, entering the church as our guest in order to heal our spiritual problems (Revelation 3:17-18). This again reminds me of Sarah`s Problem with the promise based fulfilment of a son, which she laughed at (Genesis 18:12), just as Abraham previously had done (Genesis 17:17). In both cases the Lord revealed himself in order to confirm the promise and to sustain faith. The birth of Isaac was to remind future generations of God`s trustworthiness. As the actual name "Jizchak" - he has laughed- ist difficult to pronounce, it is rendered in English as "Isaac" (in our German language "Isaak") both of which are differently pronounced, jet booth are carrying the same meaning, reminding us of God`s problem solving actions.

    Winfried Stolpmann


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