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The 7 A’s of Confession and Reconciliation — 14 Comments

  1. Excellent Post William!

    In church, I have taught most of these very ideas.

    One sad thing I find with church people, is that they can be as dishonest as anyone else in the world. Honest communication is the only way we can have relationships. We don't have relationships because we "Christians" have a huge problem with honesty. We profess and pretend.
    I look forward to the day when church people are acting like real Christians. Laodicea is alive and well.

    Sometimes the churched people create emotional, intellectual and spiritual abuse-right in church. The effect of this abuse can be long lasting. In my 39 years with the SDA's, I have found most church people aren't going to change. They dig their heels in with their stubbornness just like other people in the world. "Christians" have been so damaged just like everyone else, but we won't admit we have a gigantic problem. It's a gigantic problem, bigger than many of the problems in the world, because we claim to be Christians, we claim to know the truth, and we claim to know God's love. I have seen precious little Christianity, truth and love in God's house. If we can't love, we have nothing.

    In cases like this, it's not running away to remove oneself from an environment that isn't healthy, positive, helpful, loving and caring.

    Church needs to be real, hopeful, caring and more.
    Someday it will be and I look forward to that day.

    • Most of the admonitions mentioned, are situations that many of us identify with. There is usually a right way and a wrong way. God provides us leading. We need to accept the way that God leads. A prayer to God for leading, is a daily practice when I wake in the morning. The questions in the SS lesson, are often less than applicable. Poor choices used to follow an outline.

    • Thank you William for your very insightful thought. It all comes down to ‘Those who do not love, do not know God’.

  2. Just in time to receive this message I/we can apply in my/our lives as I/we journey towards everlasting life. Confession and reconciliation is needed now more than ever to help us along in our walk. We have all sinned so Christ died for our sins, reconciling us to God. Therefore, we also ought to seek his example if we are to heal and have everlasting life.

  3. Sometimes people aren't honest because they don't want confrontation and want to be politically correct. They want to be considered doing right so that they will not be accused of being wrong. How else can we grow if we don't learn about and correct our mistakes. Sometime we think we are right when we may be actually wrong. Self investigation and facing the truth can be difficult for some.

  4. The list of 7A's is a guide to help ease our consciences. I have not given this much thought in the past, but a reminder is a prudent idea. God help us.

  5. I cannot remember hurting anyone, either intentionally, or unintentionally. That does not make me perfect, however I am also told to love one another. Guilt may not fit here.

  6. Bill, this is one of the most powerful posts that you have put up!!! Not a lot of "theology" but practical Christianity. It provides help for both the forgiver and the forgiven. The point that for some devastating offences complete restoration will only take place in the new earth lets us know that we should not "force" reconciliation.

  7. Reconciliation is a word that some do not understand the meaning of, or the need for it. The need is usually due to misunderstandings. "I'm sorry' are the words used with a need for reconciliation. If the situation dictates the need, then understanding is applicable.


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