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  1. I will show this thought on time to my husband. He works a job during the week and two on the weekend. We have been married nine months and have only spent one complete day together. Our marriage is falling apart and I believe it is because we don’t spend enough time together.

  2. I went to church a few years ago and asked a lady "How are you doing today?" She replied " Just fine." I said really how are you doing? She said Do you have 1/2 an hour to find out? I said Yes I do. An hour later she finished telling me some of her problems. Did I get anything from SS? or the lesson? NO but it sure helped her out a lot. All it took was some TIME.

  3. yes! I like this, you may not have the dollars to give to the church, but a few minutes spent cleaning the hall, cleaning the church dining area after Lunch, emptying the trash from both the bathrooms, kitchen and church hall, what about volunteering to erect the tents, cook for pathfinders and Adventures during their camping's, is a sure way of sharing out in this God given opportunity of Stewardship. May God bless us all as we keenly study to understand this important subject of stewardship

  4. We have a lady in our church who is a widow and lives on a modest income. She spends her own money to visit at least 4 people with either health or other problems. She takes them food, she listens to what they want to talk about, she prays with them, runs errands for them and promises to return soon. That is true Christianity and a worthy way yo spend a precious commodity.

  5. “The question we’re really going to face in the judgement is ‘what should I be doing with my TIME if I really LOVE GOD and LOVE MY NEIGHBOR?’”

    -- George Knight


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