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  1. really we are at war, and its very crucial that we realise who are we fighting with otherwise we will miss the mark. many people tends to hate their own fellow brethren which should not be the case, for the enemy is the Devil.but when all is said and done lets remember if we put our trust in the Lord and wait only upon him we shall conquer.

  2. Pastor Terry, thank you for sharing your experience and expounding on the "The Great Controversy: The Foundation" in such a comprehensive way! Recently a member of our small home Bible study group made statements that we are not in or apart of this war between good and evil, God and the devil.

    This is a real war and mankind has a choice to make whether to be on 'the other side' (God's side) or remain deceived on the side of Satan. Thank you again for making it clear with this scriptural clarification of "The Great Controversy". God Bless!

  3. The average soldier feels powerless to stop the atrocities going on around them. The shock and violence can destabilize the strongest person unless they manage to construct a defense against it.

    Thanks for sharing your own experiences and the connection with the lesson. Vietnam war was so bad. I am glad you came back.

  4. Yes, Stephen, I'm also very glad you came back.

    This post was powerful in making the spiritual conflict very real by comparing it to a war that was engaged during our younger days.

    I pray that some of your readers will be inspired to "defect" from the army of Satan to the army of God, our Redeemer and the Great Creator of the Universe.


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