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  1. Thank you. We so easily forgot that this story is not time or date related. Yes I as a grandmother want to start telling stories again

  2. Very nice!. This story brought sweet memories of story telling talent of the my mother -who now suffers from dementia, poor mama. She is responsible for the wonderful bible stories we learned in living color. She has passed on this gift to all seven of us siblings. Thanks for this story and the peace that comes with the beauty of Jesus birth without the pain of paganism in it. It's hard to leave it out but so precious to focus on just His birth. What other time of the year shall we celebrate Christs' birth. Or come to think, was it meant to a celebration ? Maybe u can answer that for me.
    Thanks Maurice

    • The problem with "celebration" are the extremes. If celebration eclipses the meaning then it is pointless. If on the other hand we ignore celebration, life becomes pretty boring. If heaven rejoices over one sinner that has repented, then surely we can celebrate the Saviour's coming.

      When I look back on my life, the celebratory times, both family and church, remind me that both are good to be part of. Make the story of Jesus a highlight and your children and your friends will bless you for the affirmation.

  3. During this quarter's study of Jeremiah, I wondered how he kept persevering in the face of years of rejection and persecution. I found an answer in Jer. 15:16.
    "Your words were found and I ate them,
    And Your words became for me a joy and the delight of my heart;
    For I have been called by Your name,
    O Lord God of hosts."

    I wound up thinking about the times in my life when God has spoken to me unambiguously. I began a list, starting with that day at age 10 when I knew God was my own personal God, and going on through all those times when He has made Himself known. I was surprised by how many encounters I could remember. It was remarkably faith-building. I sent the list, with a short description of each, to my grown children. I wanted them to see how God had led in my life.I encouraged them to begin a list of their own. And now I'm urging you to think back at all those answered prayers, providential leadings, "coincidences" orchestrated by heaven, words of God that have shaped your own life of faith. Write them down. Share them. They are your story.

  4. Thank you, Brother, for this story of celebration! As for the "p" word people, anytime we can wrest any day from the world and tell the true Christmas story, or demonstrate the giving, sacrificing love of Jesus, then I say, "Let's take back every celebratory day we can!" Is this not opportunity for every month and every weekly Sabbath? Every day, as God designs and desires? Yes! Tell the lovely, beautiful, true stories of Jesus and His love!

  5. Amen again! A stark reminder to us all to say these wonderful words over and over again "tell me the story of Jesus, write on my heart every word; tell me the story most precious, sweetest that ever was heard"

  6. The true and complete story of Jesus birth and the reason for it, is seldom repeated without an alternative agenda. It is sad, very sad, but true. Quite often those that have story's and experiences to tell of Gods love for the world,are busy with other claims on their time. He was named Jesus, because He is, the Savior of people from their sins. Yes, young, and some old appreciate a good story. A true story with a happy ending. Difficult to find in the prevailing media sources of today. My children remember time spent with Mom doing things they loved to do, rather than overwhelmed with the latest form of entertainment. May God be the guide in all our choices.

  7. Quote - "...grandmothers were very important because they told stories. No, they did not read them, they told them in their own words, often complete with actions." This reminds me of something I read in the book Gospel Workers. I've abbreviated the comment here, but suggest, for those that are interested, that the two paragraphs be read in their entirety. The thought [for some] is really quite radical, because in some places the reading a sermon is the normal practice.

    "Some ministers, in the preparation of their discourses, arrange every detail with such exactness that they give the Lord no room to lead their minds...

    When a minister feels that he cannot vary from a set discourse, the effect is little better than that produced by READING A SERMON. Tame, formal discourses have in them very little of the vitalizing power of the Holy Spirit; and the habit of preaching such discourses will effectually destroy a minister's usefulness and ability." (Gospel Workers p.165)

  8. Thank u very much with the stories u share with us.Realy we need to go back.
    To doing that our children will grow spiritual,because they talk and atc,
    they don't just read.And we must read bible for them.

  9. Thank you very much for the motivation, no one can tell our better than the parents because parents have to walk the talk

  10. Thank you folk for your kind comments. I think that while I have concentrated on telling the story of Jesus in this article because it is topical, it is worth reminding ourselves that telling Bible stories is something that should really involve us all. I am sure that many of you folk are aware that far too many of our young folk do not know the Bible stories all that well.

    I grew up in the era when Arthur Maxwell's 10 volume series was being published (you could buy them a volume at a time) so we received volumes as Birthday/Christmas presents over several years.In those days there was no competition from iPads and TV so it wasn't hard to read them several times. (and it helped to belong to a family that held reading in high esteem.)

    While I am not suggesting that we return to the good old days, we do need to consider modern tech versions of telling the stories but they should involve both parents and church folk in the presentation in order to make that important inter-generational connection.

    Suggestions anyone?

  11. i truly enjoyed the story. it was inspiring and uplifting. i am encouraged to continue the noble tradition of story telling which gives our children a knowledge of their true heritage. i totally love the comment about the story being about JESUS andnot all the other things. Jesus must always be at the center of what we do.


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