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Thursday: Encourage One Another — 14 Comments

  1. Many of our brethren don't join in the church services because of obvious reason that they are not in good terms with some members.

    Until they find reasons to justify their not attending church. Here are two that I heard from them.
    1. Moses did not oblige his family to go with the Israelites to the promised land, therefore church attendance is not important. We can also worship God by our own without joining our brothers and sisters.
    2. There are Achans in the church. If there are Achans, the church is worshiping only in vain because God will not listen to this kind of worship (This is not the exact words but I have also read this statement in the Spirit of Prophecy). Because they feel they are not Achans so they don't feel joining the church in its worship services.

    I don't think God will save somebody who does not go to church specially when the church is just in the vicinity.I believe a saved person will always look for a way to be with his brethren specially during Sabbath.

    • Merwin, I do not believe that salvation is dependent on church attendance.

      However, a relationship with Jesus will demonstrate itself in a desire to be with other believers and work with them for the furtherance of His Kingdom.

      Anyone who makes excuses not to attend church does not demonstrate the fruit of the Spirit which leads us to forget self and serve others as Jesus did.

      If the church is not what it should be and we know Jesus, it is up to us to make it more like it should be. Often one person in a church can make a huge difference in the spirit of a church. Christ can do wonders through just one!

    • Merwin,
      All things being equal, I agree with you, however, I personally know a person who was excited about being baptized and going to church. He was ridiculed by some of the elders of the church for his "sins" and there was much gossip(and don't forget that gossip and pride are Satanic). He will not go to church anymore. Is church a club or a hospital? Do we love these people and show God's love, or do we protect our club?

      • The church will always be composed of wheat and tares until the second coming and so problems will exist as well even between members until that time. That is why we need to encourage each other to keep standing.

        We go to church because we want to praise and worship God. Jesus is the main reason why we are in the church. To fellowship with our brethren is only a secondary reason. If like Peter we lost our sight on Jesus and turn our eyes on a brother or sister who persecutes us then we too will start to sink with them. If we see these brethren, the Lord is only telling us that it is time to pray not only for ourselves but also for these people. (We are no different from these people because both of us are standing on the same ground depending on the grace of God for salvation) We might not get the answer to our prayers instantly but I believe by doing this, the church becomes a hospital healing people and relationships.

  2. Christianity is a long path to be undertaken. To love is not easy and neither can we force people to do that, it required prayers. Faith and surrender from self. Just like Chtist died for each and everyone we need to surrender self and look beyond what we think we have but to pray for the spirit of The Lord to give us the desire to love and encourage each othe Christ way.

  3. My fellow christian, we must practice community worship to be prepared to be with our Lord for ever, if we do not practice it here, how will we do it in heaven? i believe Ingen, church attendance is important, you can have wrong motive, but we can not be sitting in our homes and hope this will save us. I agree with Merwin comment that salvation is dependent on church attendance( I may add community worship) since that is how it will be done for eternity.

    • Mike,
      If we say salvation is dependent on church attendance (works) then we might inquire what level is required? Would it be every meeting, three times a week, every other week, or another number?

      So what if someone has a faith relationship with Christ, but does not feel impressed to meet with the brethren often? What if the same prays, does Bible study, sings, and throws in a few good deeds every now and then? Here is a good example of where emphasis on works (assembling), and not just faith (accepting grace), hoping for natural production, is needful in the Christian experience.

      Declining to attend church robs us of edification and encouragement and denies us opportunity to share our testimony and lift up the spirits of the struggling. The failure to obtain the refreshing which comes from assembly may often be linked to wavering faith. And the truth may begin to lose its value. God does make provision for those whose circumstances are difficult. Yet it is not safe to simply bypass His established means, hoping for miraculous strengthening. Even with inconvenience it is worth making an effort to do what God says whether or not we feel like it. The faith which we think is solid might just need the strengthening which comes from stepping out.

      It is better to ask, "What does God instruct?" rather than "How does my faith feel about it?" When God directs it does not hurt to act and let faith catch up.

      • I think I was misunderstood by Mike. I too do not believe that salvation is dependent on church attendance. What I said is "I don't think God will save somebody who does not go to church specially when the church is just in the vicinity.I believe a saved person will always look for a way to be with his brethren specially during Sabbath." (I'm referring to people who justify their not attending church)

        Ma'am Inge has explained exactly what I mean and this additional comment from Hugh made my point even clearer.

  4. We should encourage one another always. The world we are living in not a place where we should depend on but as long as we have our Lord Jesus Christ on our side we have strength and hope in our daily struggle. There is nothing important as having Jesus Christ. He is our hope in whatever we do even if we struggle with paying loans and bills we have hope that one day we will come out it through our Lord Jesus Christ. Some times we should ask ourselfs ...which God are we you serving? Me and together with my family we are serving the God of Abraham,Isaack and Jacob. The creator of heaven and earth.


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