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Wednesday: Hope: Be Steadfast and Unswerving — 5 Comments

  1. It is good news if we can recognize our failures. The problem is when because of overconfidence and overexposure in the church we tend to put the crown of glory on our heads and forget that we are able to do all these things because of grace.

  2. Unless we hold fast our faith and trust in God we all going to fall into Satan's temptation. But this is very dangerous to them that hath not behold the true light because when subjected to these words, they will hold on to the error they are in. Now the question is , what is it that you believe? Jesus kept the sabbath holy, do you keep it as per Exodus 20 or you do work on Sabbath... food for thought

  3. The foundation of our hope must be Jesus our high Priest. Christ the Solid Rock we must stand on and our hope built on. The Plan of Salvation Jesus steadfastly endured and completed, this also we must study and understand for by this knowledge our faith and hope becomes immovable.
    I have seen and witnessed many people that joined the Christian faith by a variety of reasons and when those reasons fall apart they slowly slip away from their faith in Christ. This is why is so vitally important that our faith and hope must only rooted and affixed in Christ alone. All other ground are sinking sand, Christ is the Solid Rock we must stand on. Christ is our only way to the Throne Of Grace and with Christ we are able to approach the Throne Of Grace boldly. Thanks be to God for Christ Jesus our only Hope of Glory. Cheers!!!


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