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  1. We may chose to follow God ways fully, but we often have some weakness, through a prayer we can always be on God's way.

    • Perfection should be our goal, or we will never reach it, ever, even when it becomes necessary to enter Heaven and eternity at His coming.

    • That depends on how you define "perfect Christians." The word often translated "perfect" actually means something more like "mature." And certainly Jesus wants us to be mature Christians. His power is enough to finish the good work He has done in us.

      I believe that our goal should be to follow Christ as perfectly as we know how. As soon as we focus on being "perfect" ourselves, we are no longer focused on Christ and thus not likely on the road to perfection.

      If we spend quality time with Christ every day - talking to Him, allowing Him to talk to us (through the Bible, prayer, and circumstances of life)and working with Him, doing His work on this planet, He will look after our perfection.

      A flower is just as perfect in the bud stage as in full bloom. So every Christian may be 'perfect' at every stage of growth. Thus I believe that "character perfection" is a journey, not a goal. As long as we do our part staying close to Christ, we are perfect in Him.

      The Lord does not judge us the way man judges. He judges by the intentions of the heart. While we might have found much "iniquity" among the Israelites whom Balaam was hired to curse, the Lord said, "He hath not beheld iniquity in Jacob, neither hath he seen perverseness in Israel." (Numbers 23:21)

  2. It is a good pointer to the church leadership that we may not have the full command of the word of God even in our understanding and interpretation and thus when one brings it out correctly where we were wrong we should accept correction and move on with love. For we are all growing and we have not attained the mark.

  3. The wonderful thing about fellowship is this very thing. When we as believers come together as Jesus intended, it's hard to avoid being loved, tested, encouraged, supported and even corrected when necessary.

    Loving, firm rebuke protects us spiritually if we will listen. The great transformation of the church (we the people) into the perfect image of Christ is continued and unity is preserved.

  4. It seems that the best leaders are often the ones who are so zealous that they often make mistakes, but learn from their short comings. We clearly see Peter was far from perfect, but his eagerness to serve the Lord overcomes his mistakes and he grows in what he learns. Consequently, his witness is powerful. Peter is the perfect representation of Solomon's counsel in Proverbs 1: 7: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. But fools despise wisdom and instruction."
    Lord give us Peter's spirit and determination for the sake of Your kingdom!

  5. We should never feel offended when people point out our blind spots for this is part and parcel of growing up. Everyone has four side to their person.

    1. The side which we know about ourselves and others know it too and agree with us.
    2. The side which we know about ourselves which others do not know and we may not like them to know.
    3. The side which others know about us which we do not know ourselves.
    4. The side which we nor others do not know about and only God knows this side of us.
    -Therefore growing up is an increase in awareness in any of these windows which will come through people and events and should not cause us to falter. It is common to all.

  6. We are all one in Jesus and God's creation with many a works to do, each with their own appointed gift to be part of Gods fellowship. May we keep on keeping on in the guidance of Gods direction. Amen.

  7. We all have blind spots called defects of character,"behold i was shapen in iniquity" Psalms 51:5. For this very reason we need Jesus even more. The Lord also uses several ways of speaking to us, sometimes it may be through the brethern who may point out our blind spots. But the important point is how we speak to each other. We should be a stepping stone not a stambling block in the lives of each other and above all very tactfull. As God reveal to us our defects of character lets humbly accept His wise counsel." For its not I but Christ." Galations 2:20

  8. It's amazing how quick and clear such a late comer like Paul grasped the truths of the gospel. It shows us that those who relate to the influence of the Holy Spirit can clime just like that.

  9. Being “partakers of the Divine nature” is a process of growth. Jesus taught many parables that illustrated this growth into perfection, and in the Revelation we see two final harvests of what has been produced either from the Gospel or the world. Peter defines the steps of growing in grace, and it would seem reasonable that he drew from his own experience of growing in grace, as well as the teachings of Christ.

    Those who possess the wisdom “from above” are “easy to be entreated”. We must also determine that the source of this correction comes from the Lord according to His word. Many will seek “correct” what is not wrong. Our Guide must always be “the certainty of the words of Truth”.

  10. When our brothers or sisters in Christ gives us advice or correction, to avoid responding in the flesh, one should go into prayer and seek from the Lord if this correction is aligned with His will. Then go to that bro or sister and Thank them for allowing the lord to speak through them. Sometimes the Lord tries to get our attention, but we can't hear Him so he sends someone to deliver the message.

  11. If someone pointed out my spiritual "blind spots", I should be grateful to God that He loves me enough to show me the error of my ways.

  12. I pray that the Lord sends Spirit filled people in my life to help point out my "blind spots", and that I am fully receptive.


    This particular lesson regarding Peter who was acting like the Jews, he even let himself influenced with the Jews's hypocrisy circumcision and uncircumcision. I'm pleased that Paul gave him a nice reprimandation of what he was letting himself fallen through.
    I wonder how Peter reacted to Paul. My theory is, I believe Peter humbled himself correctly to his brother Paul in Christ.
    A lot of us act in church just like Peter. Some Christians will allow you to lecture them by your status level. The sad part is, most of us don't like correction fom each other. Unusual, Christians that accept lecture from one another is the ones that has a loving humble heart from our Lord

  14. We see peter, human, sinful talks out of both sides of his mouth Peter did not totally understand the gospel he watered down the gospel Paul was bold and called Peter out. we as Christians should be seen a true people not fake do not try to be someone you're not

  15. In the vision Peter had on his roof when he went to pray Acts 10:16 says that THREE times the voice spoke unto him, "What God hath cleansed, that call not thou common." Peter needed to go and do as was said to him THREE times by Jesus "Feed my sheep" John 21:17.


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