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  1. We can't know for sure why anyone is suffering, but we do know that they are suffering. I feel it is our job to pray for that person and being careful, that we don't judge them, or try to determine why they are suffering. Because God is the only judge of mankind.

  2. Sometimes we can see the cause-effect or a part of the chain of circumstances in someones life, but our human minds are pretty narrow to see the larger picture to make an absolute judgment to the extent to call a circumstance a punishment from God. With each judgment we make against another our own character is revealed.

  3. For all those suffering in this trouble world all believers would still believe the Lord’s question for Adam and Eve in garden that where are you. This shows that lord’s love to us is greet {genesis 3:10} even though we fall into sin.

  4. In order for every knee to bow, every tongue to confess, then every heart will be convicted for their part in this world's sin. The righteous are no exception. How do we see that played out? Remember that 1jn 1:9 states when we confess we undergo a two part cleansing: he forgives, then cleanses us.

  5. Many times if a person is going through or experiencing great challenges in their lives, we quickly judge them and even reach as far as saying the suffering is a result of what their parents or grandparents might have done. But only God has the answers ; leave the judging to him.

  6. Where do we see God bringing punishment without giving entreaties and warnings first? It is the work of Satan to act contrary to the ways of God, bringing destruction without warning.

    God isn't in the business of punishing men before the work of judgment is complete. When God did act it was never without first giving warnings. He may allow some to reap what they have sown, but it is always for the purpose to save any who will be saved from sin, or to protect the righteous from evil men.


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