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Thursday: Transfer to Caesarea — 3 Comments

  1. They had arrested Paul for violating the command desecrating the sanctuary.
    The council leaders are ready to lie and murder without investigating the crime.
    It is no accident the son of Paul's sister's son happened to hear about the ambush.
    Paul is escorted with armed guards to Caesarea.
    What an amazing God we serve.
    He can protect you in the prison or outside of the prison.
    How have you experienced the protection of God in spite of your circumstances?

  2. God is a GOD of miracles, we have to compare Him to none. He can send His messengers to give us His message as to what Paul's nephew did to Paul himself.
    God Loves us....we have to love Him in return by doing what is worthy as Jesus always orders.

  3. Paul having long been a teacher and preacher of the gospel by this time, is a victim of zealous opposition from Jews. They wanted his life ended. Paul earnestly by the power of the Spirit of God gave them an opportunity to accept salvation thru Christ. The same opportunity was given him when he was zealous in the wrong direction against the people of God.

    Paul’s conversion is a witness against the Jews and all who oppose and persecute God’s people , because he repented of his ideas that led to hatred and accepted forgiveness and transformation which they refused.


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