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Tuesday: Before the Crowd — 5 Comments

  1. When given a opportunity to defend himself, Paul did not use that opportunity to establish his innocence. Why?
    For Paul every opportunity to speak is an opportunity to proclaim the gospel.
    It is an opportunity to share his conversion story.
    Do you have a story to share with others?

    The gospel was the breath of Paul's soul.

  2. God is love. May He continue the work He has started in us! May we be open to His Spirit, listen to His voice and be led through the (right) Way! We are valued so much on His sight, although our labor is in vain... Thanks be to God Who is able to convert our hearts! Without His mercy every day we are nothing. All the glory be to Him who created heaven and earth!

    He rescued me from the abyss I was! He led me back to where I probably should have never left. I was a rebel and He completely changed me. And blessed me so much.

  3. The Gospel was the breath of Paul's soul.

    Thank you for that beautiful thought. That really spoke to me this morning as did Paul's example in this situation. After all, what really matters...people and sharing the Gospel with them.

  4. Paul began his speech from the time he was himself a prosecutor of the Christians. He sympathized with them by making it clear that he was once zealous toward God as they were. His conversion story was meant to enable them to see things in his own light.
    He wanted then to understand that he had found something much better than what he had (the righteousness of the law), that he had become a new creature and that he had changed from persecuting Christians to being persecuted. Unfortunately the hardened Jews could not nge moved.

  5. "Read Acts 23:12-17. What was their plan, and how was it thwarted? What does this teach us about how passionate people can be for causes that are wrong?"


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