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Tuesday: Shoes ~ The Church Wages Peace — 3 Comments

  1. My Dad told me that when he was conscripted into the army the sergeant in charge of them marched them over to stores where they were to be outfitted with their uniform. His main instruction to them was to make sure that their boots fitted well. "If they don't b... fit take the b... boots back and get ones that do! You don't want to be at war with your boots on the thirty-mile route march!"

    I remembered that advice when my son went to Edinburgh University for a year of doctoral study in mathematics. Being a mathematician he did not care to much about clothes. I spent half a day with him trying on different shoes. I told him not to look at the price, just keep trying them on until he found a really comfortable pair. He found a pair of Rockports that were perfect. They cost me over $300 and he was aghast, but I told him his grandfather's story about how important it was to be at peace with his feet. I didn't want to be paying medical bills for him in Scotland.

    And your feet shod with the preparation of the gospel of peace; Eph 6:15

    And, perhaps the intent of this verse is that we are at peace with the Gospel ourselves so that we can share the good news with others. The implication is that we have done the preparation work; that we know what it is that we are on about; that we have developed the sort of relationship with Jesus that is like a pair of well-fitting boots.

    Jesus said: "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." Matt 5:9

    Those who walk in the boots of peace are able to share that peace with others.

  2. Constancy. Routine. Repetition. Detail. Collectiveness. What other attributes can we name for army-kind imagery?
    Regarding our practical religion and devotion to the Love that saves us from ourselves, some army practices can be generously applied to the relationship keen to our soul! Have you said I love you today? To God, anyone in your family, the person closest to you, even your pet? And be thankful for the existence of this Love, not war, as the perfect peacemaker ever?

  3. As I see it, the Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about establishing peace through/by heaven’s inspired design of 'peace through life-giving Love' – Eph.6:15. Yes, Jesus who came to preach peace is Himself our peace. And ‘yes’ again, “believers are messengers proclaiming the victory of Christ and His peace through/by their lives".

    As we wear the full armor of God, we release its tremendous power vested in the several aspects of this armor. Wearing it brings about humility, patience, forgiveness, etc., as the writer noted. It is the armor which, when worn, will release the power of God's Way of Love unto life as He "unifies all things in Christ" – Eph.1:9-10. Ellen White’s quote speaks to this truth.


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