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Why Its Good to Just Relax and Think — 9 Comments

  1. Amen pastor William. With the last quote from counsels to parents, am fixed on my love for movies, especially the classic ones 30s, 40s and 50s. Sure its truth some I have to edit before watching with my kids.

  2. Thank Pastor William for this great article and the constant reminder how to take time out to think and listen. Just today I was reading an article from the 'instructions of Amenemope'. There were articles that were borrowed from non-Hebrew writers that founded its way in the Hebrew texts. In one of Amenemopes' instruction, in chp 2 of one his instruction, 'Something else is of value in the heart God. Is to stop and think before speaking'. How much would we accomplished is we would have listen to this basic rule of thumb

  3. Thank you William. This is indeed a good post for everyone to read and I like your ideas implemented there. Yesterday I took my dog out on a walk to a forest path, then 2 girls who were riding their horses each had their focus on their cellphone while riding. I thought it was strange.

    Sometimes we need to let God talk to us (or vice versa), but He will do that when we allow our brains a break, just like your friend did at the restaurant.

  4. Thank you, William – what you touched on is the difficulty of managing successfully the incessant flow of information vs. the information provided by the Holy Spirit. It sadens me to observe that especially young people loose their ability to reflect on what they hear or see – experience – because of too much input and not enough 'reflection/processing' time. Their eyes see and their ears hear and their mind thinks’, but they do not give their ‘inner voice’ the time by reflecting on the matter.

    I see 'reflecting' as clearing your in-box, or keeping up with the clutter in the kitchen, or emptying the trash or the laundry basket – simply keeping up/clearing life's accumulating 'presence'. In my opinion, it is emotionally and mentally unhealthy should one neglect to carefully calibrate the never-ending 'information action’ input against the meaning of life.

    Especially for Christians, like you say, the admonition “to be still and know that I am God” is crucial. The renewed mind and heart cannot open up and hear the inspiration and wisdom of God without taking time to reflect on what we see, hear and experience, It is during these mental ‘down-times’ that we are able to hear in our heart the Spirit ‘speaking’ to us.

    I do not participate in any online social media venue and use my cell phone mainly for calls or texts. When observing especially the younger people holding on to their phones as holding on to dear life, I think of them holding their phone as it were a lifeline connecting them to what they consider ‘life’.

    I believe it will become more and more difficult for anyone engaged in this dependency to hear their inner voice. Their time to reflect decreases in proportion to the ever increasing and unprocessed in-flow of information. The point may come where they feel utterly disconnected from life without it. I believe that the closer the relationship to their electronic devices, the more the voice of this world will take the place of the Voice of God.

  5. I have ADHD, which for me means I have a hard time focusing on one thought at a time. I find it helps to eliminate as many distractions as possible, pray, and just think, writing down whatever thoughts come along. It may look scattered to others, but it really helps me process what's important. Plus, when I write it down, I won't forget later what the Holy Spirit showed me. I also find knitting to be meditative; my hands go on autopilot while I meditate.


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