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Tuesday: The 70 Weeks and the 2,300 Days — 14 Comments

  1. 2300 day prophecy in the time of Daniel
    Captured, persecuted in a foreign land, Daniel receives the vision the sanctuary will be cleansed after 2300 days.
    He knew from the prophecies of Jeremiah it was 70 years the restoration of Jerusalem will take place.
    Daniel faints at the thought the restoration would not be made until 2300 years.
    He fasts, prays and pleads God for restoration of Israel.
    Angel Gabriel is sent to give interpretation to Daniel.
    Human mind cannot comprehend time prophecy of God.
    Therefore, Daniel is told to seal the book.
    Only after 1844 the true interpretation of the book of Daniel is given to the people.
    The restoration of the sanctuary message and the immutability of the law of God was revealed unto the people.
    In spite of who we are God is working according to his prophetic clock to restore this earth back to Eden.

  2. Interesting, how Ezra helps us understand Daniel's vision. It shows we need to read the whole Bible to get the full message. If a passage is puzzling put it in your sub conscious and carry on studying and at the right time the pieces of the puzzle will fall into place. Another lesson we learn is that studying the OT helps us understand the NT. The LORD in Isaiah calls Cyrus His Messiah or anointed one, an antitype of Jesus. Daniel and Ezra help us understand that the LORD has short term plans and long term plans for His people!

  3. On the schema it is written in year 27BC, baptism of Jesus (Daniel 9:25). Could this be a mistake? How could Jesus be baptised before He was even born? Did you want to write "AD", since the next sequence is AD31 the Crucifixion of Jesus. Jesus was born within the 69 prophetic weeks. I have another question why are the 69 weeks divided into "7" and "62" weeks? Thanks in advance for your response.

  4. The 2300 days is quite a remarkable figure that accurately explains out the messianic ministry on matters of salvation and apocalyptic prophecies. Students of prophecy and Bible scholars have worked about this figure guided by Holy Spirit and in unison the common denominator of their research about it is 'Jesus has won'. I would wish to know the following phenomena about this figure :
    1. Does this figure only apply in Adventism?
    2.How applicable is the figure to the other faiths? If yes/no,how do they relate or show their response to it?
    3.Is this figure just like any other number in mathematics?
    4.What effect has a number on your spiritual being? Has it any weight on your spiritual compass?
    5.Does God respect figures/numbers? If so, What is in a number that He has to give it much weight that makes a subject of globo-religional discussion?
    A voice of concern please, let's reason up here.

  5. Simeon’s list of questions should be a required preface to every study on Daniel 8:14 and 9:24-27!

    And Yes, there is a myriad of affirmative answers for the questions of relevance, spirituality, God’s use of numbers, and the connectivity (beyond Adventist) of John 3:16 with Daniel 8 and 9.

  6. My Sabbath School forum asked these questions of us, in a survey format, and I wish to post them here to see how many people can respond to them for our research.

    1. Did you know that the published calendars of 1844 show the DOA (Day of Atonement) as on Sept. 23rd instead of our SDA tradition of October 22nd?
    2. Did you know that the Karite Jews kept, in tandem with the Rabbinic Jews, Sept. 23, 1844, as the DOA, instead of October 22nd?
    3. Can you positively defend the October 22nd 1844 date, as the termination of the 2,300 days, based on what you've learnt from This Week's (Tuesday's) SS Lesson?
    4. Did you learn anything new about the 2,300-day prophecy in this week's lesson, that you had not known before?
    5. How long have you been a Seventh-day Adventist?


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