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  1. The Greek word that Paul uses for predestined is "proorizo" and it does not take a lot of imagination to see that it literally means "before", "horizon" or "set the horizon for".

    To understand the notion a little more clearly, here is an example from my past. As you know I used to be a teacher and for most of my high school teaching career, I taught science and mathematics for senior students in preparation for public examinations (University Entrance). My intention was that all my students would pass the examinations. In other words, I set their horizon to pass the examinations. To this end, I provided my students with textbooks, examples, study questions, past examination papers, and experiences that would all contribute towards this "horizon". Unfortunately some students could not see the horizon because they were distracted and in the end they failed. I had no intention of them failing. I worked hard to ensure they would not fail, but try as I might, some students chose not to aim for the "horizon". That was their "free choice" decision.

    God is not willing that any should perish, but we too have free choice and can lose sight of the horizon by our own decision.

  2. 2300 day prophecy in the time of Daniel
    Captured, persecuted in a foreign land, Daniel receives the vision the sanctuary will be cleansed after 2300 days.
    He knew from the prophecies of Jeremiah it was 70 years the restoration of Jerusalem will take place.
    Daniel faints at the thought the restoration would not be made until 2300 years.
    He fasts, prays and pleads God for restoration of Israel.
    Angel Gabriel is sent to give interpretation to Daniel.
    Human mind cannot comprehend infinite power of God.
    Therefore, Daniel is told to seal the book.
    Only after 1844 the true interpretation of the book of Daniel is understood by the people.
    The restoration of the sanctuary message and the immutability of the law of God was revealed unto the people.
    In spite of who we are God is working according to his prophetic clock to restore this earth back to Eden.
    It is awesome to know God is in control regardless of how I feel.

  3. There has been many who have twisted the concept of the 'elect' or the 'chosen' while it is the essence of the plan of salvation. The LORD created mankind in his image and desires to transform mankind back into His image if they agree.

    • When Christ said if it were possible to deceive the very elect, or if you prefer the chosen, I believe He was talking about all those who turn to Him(come to God by Him). Hebrews 7:25. We in our culture immediately think of the elect as privileged earthly royalty. Not so, Christ was referring to the very elect as those who put there trust in God, by surrendering to Him, relying on Him, becoming personally involved in Him(relationship with Him). Those who have hope in Christ no matter the background, creed, ethnicity, or earthly royalty, are Christ’s elite or elect if you will.

  4. I like the concept that God chooses people for specific tasks. There are some of us that are natural teachers while others are administrators others musicians. May we all identify the calling of God and do whatever we are tasked with the knowledge that it is an assignment from God for and on behalf of others. As for salvation, it is not a task but a gift freely offered and only those who shall belief in the atoning sacrifice of Jesus shall enjoy. God bless.

  5. Many men and women of the old obeyed the call. Notable examples are Jeremiah, Isaih, Elisha et cetra. We are called upon to listen to the call and walk in the call in which we have been called upon. Ours is to pray to God to show us what is the calling in our lives so that we can obey the call and work while it is day.


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