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  1. Peters confidence in Jesus indeed grew with time! His times with Jesus where punctuated by great demonstrations of His power especially in areas that affected human living and survival. I do believe that this power still does the same things today, in scales and dimensions we may not easily fathom.
    It is therefore important to note that our confidence in Christ, informed by what happens in our lives everyday, should indeed grow leaps and bounds. We should deliberately identify Jesus' work in ourselves and use it as a springboard for our faith. We should be able to say like Peter that Lord, I need to be where you are, despite the circumstances.

  2. Looking and believing in Jesus, we can do whatever to demonstrate the power of the Lord. But looking on the problems and danger, forgetting that we are with Jesus, we can't do anything except fall down. Believe and look up to Jesus always is our Powerfull source.

  3. Troubled days are yet to come. We need to from this lesson to survive the coming trial. Depend solely in Jesus no matter what happens.

  4. A lot of times, the challenges in life may seem too difficult. But Jesus says "I won over the world..., take my hand"! With no way out, our choice to cling on that is the only safe move. Let's do It!

  5. "O you of little faith, why did you doubt" this verse assures me that what I am going through and worrying over, that God would see me through and take care of me. I am just sharing a personal problem, I have a surgery to do to remove fibroid and the doctor said to me that I may loose my womb in the process. This is really bothering me and has me worried but reading today's lesson I have been comforted that God will be in control and it will only be the fibroid removing and not my womb as the doctor indicated. Thank you Lord for this assurance

    • Hi Joan. I can imagine your fear. The Lord always sends comfort and reassurance through many ways. He has done this for you through this lesson. May the Lord give you peace and may you trust in Him more. Best wishes with your surgery. In it all just know that the Lord is in control. Turn your eyes on Jesus. Be blessed.

  6. The word of God says we can do all things(Through Christ). Every next step through the "storms" of this life must be taken only after Christ has been given the praise for it's accomplishment. Christ must be acknowledged in every moment, He must be given our consent to lead, to take charge of our affairs, or we risk failing, sinking for losing contact with His outstretched hands.

  7. At times we feel like we have everything under control but we have to cry out just like Peter Lord save me !

  8. Every act of Jesus is significant and every word is loaded! Jesus was immediately at Peter's side when he cried out for help. His Personal presence in the storms of life and when we are in danger or distress, I find to be particularly comforting. Jesus is truly God with us!
    If we have to follow Jesus we all have to be able to walk on water, the secret is keeping our eyes fixed on Jesus.

    I find it interesting that the redeemed would at last be standing on the Sea of Glass before the throne, because we would all have become water-walkers through the power of the indwelling Christ.

  9. This is a powerful lesson. Helps us to understand our human condition despite much evidence of God's presence

  10. Water in the Bible represents people, Rev 17 verse 15. Before Jesus walked on water he went alone to pray. Before we are lifted above this world, prayer becomes the key. Peter walked on water but thank God he fell. Had he not fallen, we could have been talking about something here. His fall helped me to see how quick Jesus is to rescue when I fall. Falling shows how much I should depend on the one standing. I don't pray for falling but I pray that I realize the assurance in 1 john 2 verse 1.

  11. What a story! I live on an island and seeing the waves at extreme height and roughness is frightning! But knowing the maker of the seas is both calming and comforting.

  12. I got from this passage, that if you trust in Jesus you can do anything. But if you don`t trust in the Lord you will sink.

  13. In this world of sin, Jesus is our only hope. We have to keep our eyes on him and not on what is going on around us.

  14. During the time of Jacob's trouble God was there and allowing him to have to face his brother. The only thing Jacob had to hold onto was that God's request him to go head back home.

  15. In a practical, real sense..what does it mean to "keep one's eyes on Jesus" .. .since He is not visible on Earth and is making many mansions up in heaven & is our high priest in the heavenly sanctuary and seated on the right hand of God ?

    Is the answer, that we depend on Him every moment/second the best response?

    • Good question. And the next question is, How do we get to the place "that we depend on Him every moment/second"?

      What real things can we do to get to that place? While there's not a thing we can do to earn salvation and not a thing we can add to what Jesus did for us, I don't think that being a Christian is a do-nothing lifestyle. So what is there for us to do?

      • I do believe that the key to keep from slipping is found in tomorrow's lesson. I have heard slipping as called the Peter syndrome. The key is spending time in prayer. Peter fell asleep instead of praying. Praying is something we can do, and should do. Not for penence, but the habit we have formed, we would rather die than miss a day without prayer. And out of Love for the one who 1st loved us.

      • What do I do in my life to depend on God?

        1.Acknowledge God's existence and power and His position in my own life as God.
        2.Accept what I understand as His will in my life-even when it goes against what I would like.
        3. Believe in Him with a whole heart. This can be tough when trials are very difficult, but believe anyway.
        4. Pray, talking to God and listening to God, in order to keep the connection with God open. And pray for other people that they may come to know God and choose to have God in their lives. Pray also for specific requests.
        5. Read the Bible and believe His promises. Meditate on His word and promises during the day and during nights when sleep escapes me.
        6. Praise Him for being a loving, creative God who rules in truth and grace.
        7. Sing songs and scripture songs that life up the heart and acknowledge God's goodness.
        7. Attend church on Sabbath and study the Bible with other believers.
        8. Participate in Bible study during the week and continue to learn from others.
        9. Share my belief in God with other people whenever and however possible.

    • Depending on Him every moment makes good reading but applying it to real life is something that can be challenging. I have seen people who rely on a "sign from the Lord" when making decisions. The problem is that either they are waiting a very long time when they should have made a decision, or they manipulate the signs and choose a sign that is most likely to coincide with the action they wanted to do all along.

      There are a couple of things that I think are important in all of this. If you develop a dynamic relationship with God where you listen to Him and pray for His guidance then you can be confident that you are making decisions that are in accordance with his will. I also find that it is valuable to discuss "decision" issues with family and friends who have a trust in God as well. The combination of personal relationship with God and with fellow believers is more reliable that waiting for a wet/dry fleece or whatever sign you choose.

      And no, that sort of relationship does not extent to "when should I buy a lottery ticket"!! If you don't expect the answer, "Never" for that question, it is quite possible that you are being religious for all the wrong reasons.

    • WWJD - It is easy to think we know how to handle a situation (Peter, the fisherman undoubtedly was a good swimmer--see Jn 21), but as soon as we neglect to consult with God on even the routine things of life, we fall.

  16. Becoming a Christian needs you to depend fully on Christ, which is not easy, but allow the Holy Spirit to guide you through prayer

    • amen,,,,prayer indeed is the way forward.
      god surely and fully bless you.

      Thanks to almighty god
      doubt really destroys faith
      never doubt for He keeps His promises as He had said

    • As I mentioned in a previous comment our dependence on Christ must be an active dependence. God expects us to make decisions, based on our relationship with Him.

      Likewise our prayers for guidance of the Holy Spirit should be specific prayers about problems and issues that we face. All to often I hear the "catch-all" prayer like, "We pray for the Holy Spirit to be with us today." Rather we should be praying about our business decisions, our work contacts, our interaction with our bosses or customers, our teaching of our students, and so on.

      Prayer should not be a mantra that we rattle off in the morning like putting on a good luck charm for the day. Rather we need to plan our prayers to relate to our work (or play) for the day.

  17. God takes care things that we can not fix. Otherwise we will never knew how powerful He is.
    These mysterious complicated situations help deepen our faith and establish a truthful loving relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

    I believe that is the reason Peter had an unbroken intimate relationship with Christ. He knew only Jesus could save him from falling in the sea. No one has this power, except our Master God of the universe.

    Love Nancy-your sister in Christ. God bless you all.

    • Yes God fixes things we can't, as long as we fix our eyes upon his Glorious Face, and the things of Life will grow strangely dim in the light of his glory and grace.

      Going through some restless seas now with my Hubby with Severe late stage Dementia is challenging, as with loosing my Mom to Cancer some years back. I have learned and experienced God's mysterious ways of comfort through so many caring people as they have bathed us in love. Some I never met before but in compassion they have been there for us.
      Reassuring to the soul knowing God is at work fixing things, helping us in these difficult times to keep our eyes focused on Him, as we reach out to others to do the same.

  18. Hi, every act and word of Jesus is significant. Please help me to understand why Jesus walked on the water? What is the lesson in Him walking on water?
    God bless!

    • Interesting question, though my answer is merely based on my reasoning. Surely Jesus could have just appeared in the midst of them, but to show that our problems, trials, troubles, worries etc., they are just nothing before him to control. Waves that were tossing the ship could not frighten a bit the anointed one. Worldwide depression, nuclear threats, natural disaster, religious persecution whatever it is, with Jesus we can walk in peace and in assurance and in faith.

      In brief to show that our limitations are not his, in our weakness his strength is perfected, to vindicate his Godship, and to assure his disciples of his power and awaken faith in them, he did walk on water.

  19. I can't imagine walking on water because it defies all my senses and the laws of nature. I also can't imagine the resurrection where the saints who have turned to dust are re-created similar to how the Lord created Adam out of the dust of the ground.
    But, faith that can move mountains comes from an experience with Jesus! It comes no other way. The faith of Peter can (and is) demonstrated daily by many of Jesus' followers. It might not be walking on water, but it is faithfully following the Spirit of God to walk on His path of serving others and preferring them above ourselves. Nothing is impossible when you are looking to Jesus!

  20. Matthew 14:31 says it all. I wonder where our preachers got the verse that Peter's sinking was a result of pride. Jesus says it all, "faithlessness and doubt"

  21. I believe that one of our biggest challenges as Christians is consistency. We are always in a 'roller coaster' relationship with God and are all too often distracted by the 'winds and the waves' around us. These can be education, career, the almighty dollar etc. When we take our eyes off of Christ they can easily seem and feel like storm winds around us and we feel helpless and then we have to cry out, only to find ourselves back in the same situation a few weeks or months later. Let's keep our eyes on Jesus.

    • Tyrone, your comments are accurate and similar to many of us. We maybe need to look at Matt14:23-32. Peter was the one with all the answers. However Peter was one of the 12 that suggested it is a ghost. Bold, brave Peter changed his mind when he heard Jesus. However was he totally sure? verse 28, "Lord If it is You". Just checking to make sure. Now fellas, look at me. I would venture, I can walk on the water, with a little help. This was not a small distance. This boat had to hold 12+. It says Peter came down out of the boat. Pretty nervy. Jesus said the same words of comfort, "do not be afraid". Both times Peter was involved. Verse 29 and 30 seem to indicate that the wind had calmed enough for a brief moment,but then he was going to drown from the wind. A change of tune. Let me walk on the water, to SAVE ME! Jesus often hears our prayers of need with the same Love and answers.

  22. I'm not certain it was self-confidence that caused Peter's fall into the raging sea. It was doubt, according to Jesus question to Peter.

    What doubt?

    Imagine you are walking on the sea and suddenly off to your left(or right, or perhaps in front, behind Jesus whom you are walking toward) a huge wave over 20 feet tall being stirred up by the "boisterous wind" rises toward you and the top curls over looking as if it will swallow you both up....!

    Still feeling confident???

    Some lessons we simply cannot learn when all is calm.

  23. Peter had a track record of sorts through out the events that he was involved in. Bashful and withdrawn are not attributes that that we would use to describe Peter. Jesus however chose Peter to be the first of the 12 Apostles. Jesus had a good reason, He came looking for Peter. We are like Peter in many ways and Jesus is looking for us when we make poor choices. A blessing we are given because of Gods love for Peter and us. I can make poor choices with out any help from others.

  24. Faith grows in the storms,
    Even when believers follow Christ’s bidding, they may face hardships. Storms can and do come in the center of God’s will. Storms can and do come to God’s children. Even in the storms Jesus is always available to help. The presence of Jesus removes all need for fear


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