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  1. I think it's simple. If we are His followers, we need to do the same and just forgive and move on as Jesus did, and as he is doing even now, in the most holy place.

  2. One thing we can learn from Peter is true repentance, when he realised that he had sinned he had sorrow for the sin, he wept and asked for forgiveness.
    We must do the same when the Holy Spirit convicts us of sin.

  3. I admire Jesus for the way he forgives Peter. But I am I Jesus? Certainly no. How can I be expected to forgive as Jesus did?

    • By learning to fully appreciate the forgiveness that He offers each and every one of us. If we never learn to appreciate His forgiveness, we will never value forgiveness. And we will never want to have that forgiveness or extend it toward others

    • What Jesus did was as an example for us to follow but we cant do it on our own. As humans, we more prone to hate but Jesus loves and taught us to do the same. It is with love in our hearts that we will forgive even before we are asked to forgive.

      • Jesus said, 'With me, you can do all things.' Jesus lived a perfect life in our behalf, just as He died the death we live in in our behalf. If you don't die with Him, you can't live with Him.

  4. Every time I read the story of Peter's betrayal of Christ it reminds me that confidence in myself will never carry me through tough or any (for that matter) spiritual challenges.

    I might have the right intentions and even rehearse events in my mind as I plan my victory, but I'm still helpless when meeting and battling spiritual wickedness.

    It is my contact and connection with the Holy Spirit that will give me the discernment, power, strength, endurance and resilience to follow through to a real victory.

    Only God can transform a human heart so that it's willing to forgive wounds (especially deep hurtful even life changing) inflicted by others.

  5. Forgiveness not only heals the offender but also the person who seeks forgiveness. Christ is our example, when he forgave Peter from betraying Him, Christ Himself built a relationship of acceptance and lavishly forgave the offender, Peter. "Lord, help us to have a forgiving spirit"

  6. I can honestly say, I have never denied Jesus and cursed to prove it. But, I have denied Him by not speaking of Him; not talking to Him; and not following Him. I did this and lived in sin for 10 years after I left Him. Disappointment and selfishness grabbed me by the shoulders and turned my away from Jesus even though I worked with and for my Lord for almost 20 years. This is worse than Peter's denial!
    He never left me even though I could not feel his presence. I so greatly appreciate Romans 5:20. Grace is stronger than sin! Then I repented and came home to open arms! What a Savior! What a Lord!

  7. Seems as though we are going through Peter's life history with Christ this week, a good starter. We are down to the final hours of the three years spent with Christ. In crucial truths we must stand firm. How do we do that? We learned last quarter. Turn to Christ on a daily basis. Surrender our bad habits to Christ. We could be missing that daily connection with Him, allowing us to slip and hide our identity. We ask for forgiveness and receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit as a gift. Then go and sin no more by the grace of God, and guidance of the Holy Spirit...Hey we can't even be pardoned without the Holy Spirit, let alone be given the power to resist sin. Paul says I count sin as rubbish now. Good motto for us.

  8. True forgiveness comes when we know the Lord. Only as we spend time with the Lord daily can we develop this. In our own strengh we cannot accomplish that. John 15:5 for without me you can do nothing. Let's grab hold of His righteousness and be saved.

  9. All, like Peter, need to learn the vital lesson of where to place our trust. Due to the role Peter would have in the church which would come after, he was led through this experience to help teach all the need of exercising faith. Peter's failure also allowed the demonstration of God's forgiveness and grace, along with the true repentance and faith Peter would display in his life as a faithful servant of the Lord. Peter's experience gave him first-hand knowledge of the need to "grow in grace, and in the knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

    Another important lesson is that we need not become discouraged by our own failures as we see how the Lord continued to work with Peter afterwards. We can always trust in the promises of God and exercise genuine faith regardless of circumstances. Faith is the victory that overcomes the world.

    This account remains as a wonderful encouragement for many who have denied Jesus when overwhelmed by fear through unbelief. Better to learn of our true need while we may still seek the Lord.

  10. I agree that forgiveness is where we all meet Christ, initially and daily. I greatly appreciate the example of forgiveness that we have in the example of Peter. However, I do not know that he was more courageous in following Jesus to the trial than any other disciple. He evidently was let in to the court of the high priest because he was in the company of John the beloved who was known to the high priest. I know for certain that Peter was more impetuous, but it seems that John was no less forward in supporting and courageously being present with Jesus, and no less forgiven.

    • All you have perceived is well received. But there is a need to remember that nothing happens to us by chance. God is directing the happenings to those who are His own. So to have the individuals present that some how recognized Peter and then who felt comfortable to point this out, confronting Peter after the time of fall, and now is brought to his valley of decision moment, where he will either follow to one extent or another the way of Judas Iscariot, or (and I believe Jesus had this in mind to prepare Peter for the edge of the cliff moment that He knew Peter would find himself),to provide for Peter the way of escape that the Bible says would be provided for those who believe in Him.

  11. Hi! I have really enjoyed for years these lessons studies! I have just a brief comment today after studying with my husband who shared his concern that the other disciple (who he reckons is John) was not included in the courage factor. First of all, if it weren't for the other disciple - who happened to know the High Priest, Peter wouldn't have had the chance to get in. Whether it was courageous on this "other disciple's" part to even be there at that time is another question/debate. I'm open either way. But I believe, even though the focus was on Peter, that it is important to mention this other disciple.

  12. It should be a lesson to us not to sleep when we should be praying. It can be the difference between denying Jesus or staying faithful to him. So help me Jesus.

  13. Forgive others who have wronged you so you can be forgiven your sins. I find peace and happiness when I forgive my brethren.

  14. The story of peter is very encouraging to me when I reflect on my walk with Jesus. We deny Jesus in many practical ways in our lives, but His grace still abounds. Peter had many reasons to give up on his walk with Jesus, but he sojourned on, remember the denial is coming just after He had cut a soldier's ear in trying to defend Jesus and Jesus restored it, he did not feel demoralized but still followed Jesus. Let us follow Him (Jesus) no matter what for He who began the good work in us will accomplish it.

  15. All of the comments have good foundations. But one thing I would like to center on is how is it that Peter lived through his denial and Judas was lost in despair to the point that he killed himself. The only thing that I can ascertain is the type of relationship either of them had or didn't have with Jesus. One knew Him to trust for forgiveness and the other couldn't see how he could be forgiven. And so one of Christ's encouraging texts flashes out as much as when He burst from the tomb, that is when He told us, "and this is life eternal, that they might know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom thou hast sent."

  16. After Jesus' outline for prayer, commonly referred to as The Lord's Prayer, in the gospel of Matthew, Jesus said, 'If we don't forgive others, our Heavenly Father won't forgive us.' Don't be too bent out of shape over this, most people have a huge misconception about what forgiveness is anyway.


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