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  1. Wow! I was just reading and trying to make a meaning of the write up, until I got to the last paragraph.

    Today the Sabbath is a sign from God that we are twice His. Once, at creation He made us, then on the cross He bought us.

    This is a WOW! God bless you for this Pastor William.

  2. God did not have to save us. We clearly disobeyed a direct command given; yet, He choose to save us.
    The boy could have given up the boat. He choose to do extra chores to buy back the boat. To buy us back, Christ had to lay down his life. There is no other way to redeem us.

  3. I feel My Lord Jesus doesn't save us but twice. He saves us over and over as we meander away and find it hard to return sometimes. When he renews the health of those thought not to have a chance at more life. With each new day I am saved again. Death is but a short sleep that he allows us to wake from. Thank you Jesus.


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