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  1. It would be interesting to discover what clothes they wear in heaven.
    I remember as a child singing a song which had a verse: "I will wear a robe, in my Father's house"

    We know that Jesus is wearing a robe from John's vision.

    Covered from head to toe, flowing, loose fitting, sounds comfortable to me. There are countries where they still wear robes these days, it was not only in Jesus' time on earth, where many only one set of clothes to their name.

    Rev 1:13
    (EMTV)  and in the midst of the seven lampstands stood One like the Son of Man, having been clothed in a robe reaching to His feet and having been girded across His chest with a golden belt.
    (ISV)  Among the lamp stands there was someone like the Son of Man. He was wearing a long robe with a gold sash around his chest.

      • Thank you, please give me details or texts where I can find this dress code, I need some help to work it out, is it specific or mainly principles?

    • My understanding is that Adam and Eve, in their innocence, wore no artificial clothes. Although the Bible describes this as being naked, but not ashamed, Ellen White describes their covering as "a robe of light." It vanished when they sinned. When Eden is restored, I expect that the wearing of animal skins (or other artificial clothing) will no longer be necessary.

  2. Thanks so much for this post brother William.

    Likewise christians should not be standing out just to look strange or weird.It does help the cause of Christ when christians act strange for no good reason. we should only act differently to make our loyalty to God clear,,
    This is very true.


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