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  1. As we study the Sabbath School lessons a lot may be said about various passages of scripture, what they mean and how they are to be applied. We may find in our study reassurance, encouragement and hope, and the Spirit of truth is certainly pleased to lead us into better understanding of God’s Word and will.

    Yet what appears to send Heaven into rapturous celebration is when a sinner makes a decision to leave the world and follow Jesus (Luke 15:7). The reminder than humanity is frail and but a vapor (Psalm 39:5) is really to say, “"TODAY IF YOU HEAR HIS VOICE, DO NOT HARDEN YOUR HEARTS" (Hebrews 4:7).

    Today, if you are one for whom Heaven would rejoice do not put off your decision. Whether returning or for the first time won’t you choose Jesus today? Will you?

  2. What a sobering thought - in the greater scheme of things our lives hardly feature, here today gone tomorrow.
    If we would like to make an impact we need to be part of the LORD's plan for this world and the universe.

  3. I think we have been unknowingly judging people without even knowing what were doing
    and many souls have been lost because of our judge.
    may Lord teach His people because He know how to deal with them..

  4. Sometimes we a ccumulate wealth thinking that it will make our future happy and against calamities and forget that the lord knows the end from the beginning .He is our protector and provider. When we plan let us put God first, moreover let us put our treasures in heaven where moths wont destroy them. Let us give God Priority In our Lives and we will live a purposeful life.

  5. There is only one thing that remains - the good works of love performed by those whose hearts Jesus reigns. Everything passes fast, it is a sad result of sin. Yet, our God will restore all things as planned to endure for good!
    For now, it's safe that our existence is fleeting.

  6. Here in Kenya, last Saturday 28 people lost their lives in the hands of the Al-Shabaab. The immediate question which came into my mind and keeps ringing in my head is this: "What was in the minds of these people just before they met their death? Could they have made things right with God before they begun their journey which ended up in their unexpected deaths? These people had planned to go home for Christmas but this never materialized. That is how short our lives are. Just like vapor our lives sttarts in the morning and when the sun comes it goes/disappears.


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