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  1. It's by might,nor power, but by my Spirit say the Lord. This explicitly puts the work of the Holy Spirit over experience because He also applies the fruit. The Holy Spirit teaches us the doctrine the right way.

  2. What follows Grace and Peace? An invitation to return to the God of our father and mother. Follow through on that promise. "I have returned to the God of my father,
    The most God-like man a child could know; 
    I just heard a shout from the angels in glory, 
    Praising the Lord a child has come home." ... maybe we are one who has not woundered to another God or doctrine. "I will stay with the God of my childhood, to the same faith as a child I knew." Now if we grew up with lack of full truth, we would sing, "I have surrendered to The Father of Abraham, the shepherd of Moses who called Him the great I Am."

  3. Our experience and relationship with the LORD should not be confused. Our relationship, knowing the LORD, is the most important relationship we can have. Our relationship with the LORD comes thru the study and prayer of His Word, thru His teachings, His doctrine. Our life experiences form our own opinions and doctrines which are never to be used as how we lead our lives.

  4. It is crucial to know that we are not saved by anything we can do. Our righteousness is as filthy rags. We are saved by believing that our Lord Jesus Christ died for our sins. He clothes us in his righteousness! To believe that our works save us is to despise Our Savior's precious and worthy sacrifice. When we fully realize the depth of our Savior's love and our complete lack of worthiness to receive it, then with grateful hearts we will render Him our service. Our works must be born of love to Our Lord not pride that we can earn our own salvation.

    • Amen Cayla. It is not our works, for good or for evil, that save or condemn us. Our works merely reflect Who we choose to love and worship... Who we choose as the Master of our lives. It is that choice which saves or condemns us.

  5. God's word, the TRUTH, comes before our experiences.Our relationship and our experience as Christian ought to lessons base on the truth.We create our relationship and learn from our experiences with the help of God's Holy Spirit.

  6. Paul was seeing the corruption that was creeping in to the churches at Galatia. They were adding something to the gospel that Paul had delivered to them. They were following the false concept of legalism, and righteousness by the law. To the children of Israel, righteousness was achieved through law-keeping. Deut 6:25.

    In Rom 10:1-5 and Rom 9:30-33 Paul clearly teaches us that righteousness cannot come through the law. Only through faith. The true gospel is about salvation by believing and placing our complete trust in Jesus and His finished work. The other gospel that the Gentiles were following was salvation by the works of the law.

  7. "Gentiles" were always people that were not of the 12 tribes of Israel. Gentiles that accepted the gospel of Jesus had no idea about law keeping the way those of the 12 tribes of Israel did. I think that the "Trouble makers" within the Galatians believers were probably converts to Christianity from the 12 tribes of Israel and not any gentile converts to Christianity from the gentile world. I mean, why would a gentile want to bind himself or herself with a lot of do's and don'ts when they had no do's or don'ts before they came to Jesus the way those of the 12 tribes of Israel had with all their do's and don'ts of their works-related religion?


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