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Wednesday: The Second Coming of Jesus — 13 Comments

  1. This is the ultimate hope, that Jesus is coming again not as a humble human being but as the majesty of the universe! This is the hope of all who have slept in Christ, the hope all Christians have, even the redemption of the saved.

  2. To have this blessed assurance of Jesus second coming, encompasses many promises of deliverance from what we currently face living in a sinful world. To know our problems of life are only temporary is something we can draw strength from so we can smile at the storms of life knowing that they will soon be no more, but instead there will be real joy in the presence of our Lord and Saviour and eternal King.

  3. There are those that imagine differently,the prospects of what the future has to hold. Is it good news or not so good news? Matthew 24:21,22 doesn't particularly have an optimistic tone. I can remember 50 or 60 years ago taking these verses literally. People were selling property to move to areas in mountainous settings and hearing of the day many stars fell and being told about when the sun was dark at noontime. We have heard of many major wars in our life time. So what is your feeling? Optimism or pessimism ? Those that have positive outlooks would undoubtedly benefit from any available encouragement. Be it strong or weak. The word Faith, comes to mind.

  4. Jesus' coming again is not just our hope, it's our assurance! What a blessed assurance to have! Thank You Jesus! Even so Lord Jesus come quickly, amen!

  5. This is the hope of a Christian. The blessed assurance that Jesus is coming again not as the son of a carpenter riding on a colt but as the King of kings. Even so come Lord Jesus!

  6. 2 Peter 1:16-21 has always given me more assurance on Christ's second advent and I believe we become more certain of His promises.

  7. We as SDA church members we do believe that time is near for Jesus as the signs of his coming it's already happening.

  8. We can see from the signs of the times that our Lord coming is near. We cannot afford to be caught up with the foolishness that is happening because we are warned. We are told to stand fast holding onto our faith as His coming is eminent and closer than when we first believe. Let's stay focused and take this gospel to all the world.

  9. Preceding the second coming of Jesus Christ our Lord, will be world shattering events that take place. It will be a spectacular climax of the propagation of the gospel and will usher in the commencement of God's eternal kingdom. The coming of the the Lord is the inflexible promise of our Lord and its our blessed hope. The Bible says every eye will see Him, even those who killed Him. This great event will be visible to all humanity and a literal display of the Son of God's majesty. Satan will not be able to simulate the event in its fullness. He will try but fail miserably to mislead the vigilant. Clearly therefore, to doubt the reality of the Second Coming of Christ is tantamount to doubting the validity and truthfulness of the Word of God.

    Jesus wants to save us and transform our bodies into immortal beings. (1Cor. 15:52-53). He wants to take us to heaven with Him so that we may "inherit the kingdom prepared for (us) from the foundation of the world." Matthew 25:34. He wants to expunge sin, pain,tears and death. He has not come back yet beacause He is giving us sufficient time to make the right decision. 2Peter 3:8-9 What would keep you and I from accepting Christ's invitation today? Please give your heart to Jesus.

  10. The large sample survey SDA Global DATA Project in 2011-2013 revealed that 60% of SDA don't agree that the end of world will take place in 20 years ..(meaning Jesus' 2nd coming). That was 3-5 years ago already..
    Not saying they are right or wrong...just letting you know.


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