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  1. This power is the papacy as most Protestant Christians believed 70yrs ago. Stay firm because we are the bearers of truth and we have to spread the message until God comes.

  2. It is important that we understand all the prophecies, thus we are not taken by surprise. If God is love, some revelation of future history may serve as proof of His omniscience. Studying the prophecies may just strenghten our faith, in order to trust in God today! Because this is (barely) what belongs to us, the present. Today we are going through some state of worlwide awareness! While "nothing happens under the sun that God does not care", "everything has a purpose". May we ask for knowledge in prayer and soften our hearts, hiding in Him and getting ready for whatever is yet to come!

  3. What ultimately is "the abomination of (that causes) desolation"?

    There are two and only two options of 'existence' within this world - true/abundant life (the eternal option) and the 'walking dead' (the temporary option).

    There are two and only two corresponding Kingdoms - the Kingdom of God which is characterised by abundant life and the Kingdom of Satan/Darkness which is characterised by steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). This steal kill and destroy is the same thing as making desolate - it is the opposite state of abundant life or is the loss of abundant life.

    Abundant life can only exist upon one foundation - self-giving beneficence (having the benefit to others as our focus and priority) - also known as Agape love. This is what Jesus as the second Adam successfully held on to no matter what He was tempted with - including avoidance of a cruel and lonely death as the ultimate temptation.

    Any foundation other than self-giving beneficent is, by nature, self-seeking and therefore also maleficent.

    When these foundational concepts are considered, it is apparent that self-seeking maleficent is the abomination that replaced God's original design of self-giving beneficent. And while self-giving beneficent (alone) promotes life, self-seeking maleficent promotes death - a state of complete desolation.

    The abomination that causes desolation was first introduced into humanity in Genesis 3. It has had many other forms since and will continue to do so until it comes to its end when God releases the restraint He has been providing. When God does release this restraint, its full inherent self-destructive/self-desolating nature will be unleashed.

    The abomination that causes desolation - the self-seeking maleficence that inherently causes steal, kill and destroy - comes in various 'flavours'. Satan originally introduced it in the form of deceptive seduction. Daniel 11 introduces it in the form of coercion - a repeat of what Nebuchadnezzar introduced on the plain of Dura for Daniel's three friends.

    Different flavours - same underlying mechanism. The abomination (distortion) that causes desolation (irreversible corruption, ruin and destruction).

    In light of what has been outlined above, perhaps you can see that the abomination that causes desolation is in fact the core nature and character of Satan and of all who harden their hearts desire in self-seeking maleficence.

    • Yet isn't there a specific power being referred to in Daniel, and even a time-frame to look for to help in identifying this "abomination"?(Dan 12:11) In Daniel 7 and 8 this power is highlighted as a persecuting power for a set number of "days", arriving on the scene at a specified time, and its peculiar characteristics are described in detail. In the Revelation we have further details given and a specific focus on how this power will work to corrupt souls, the souls Jesus died to save, but if not warned, will be made desolate by this great deception.

      We are warned in such detail for a reason. Time has shown this power to be disguised as approved of and in fact appointed by Christ Himself, and poses as Jesus' Vicar, and unlike the serpent in the garden that opposed God, pretends to work in the name of God. Yet the unmistakable characteristics show forth to any willing to acknowledge them. God is serious about saving sinners, and through this earthly power, Satan is serious about deceiving souls around the globe into thinking salvation can be earned by vain works and spending a lot of money to support this powerful deception, which in the end, will rob them of salvation.

      We are meant to be accurate in our understanding to avoid being deceived in the end.

      Yes, Satan is the mastermind behind this, his greatest achievement
      for robbing many of obtaining salvation in this life, and eternal life in the Kingdom of God, and has given this abomination is power, it's seat, and great authority in the earth.

      • Welcome back Robert. It’s been a long time. Is this a Gabriel appearance to give us insights... You are correct. The “Abomination of Desolation” is specific. Christ refers to it as making a stand(rebellion) in the Holy Place, where it ought not (Matt 24:15; Mk 13:14), contrary to law. When the glory of the Lord filled the Tabernacle neither Moses nor priests could enter there (Ex 40:34,35; 1 Kin 8:11; 2 Chr 5:13, 14; 7:1, 2). And that was the figurative Glory. Also on Atonement Day no one was supposed to be present in the Holy Place when the High Priest would come to do his work (Lev 16:17).
        When the actual living Glory of God, the High Priest, Christ, appeared on earth (Jn 1:14; 2:11; 17:4; Lk 9:32) John Baptist, the epitome of the Old Covenant, acknowledged that he must “decrease” in the presence of Christ. But what did the priest, elders, scribes of Israel do? They persisted in “sacrifice and offering”. They stood against Christ (Heb 9:8-12; Gal 4:21-26). He cast them out of the temple implying that they were desecrating/defiling His body (Jn 2:19). Christ’s denouncement, “your house is left unto you desolate”(Matt 23:38), specifies Israel/Jerusalem. Christ termed Herod a fox referring to Israel’s desolation (Luke 13:32; Lam 5:18, SS 2:15; Ezk 13:4).
        Their ultimate act of abomination is the crucifixion of Christ in order to retain their “place” and continue sacrifice and offering (Jn 11:47-52; Jer 32:34,35; Ezk 33:28,29; 23:36-39). The escapees from the desolate house were cautioned to take nothing out of or from that house. Daniel’s prophecies specified its application mostly to Daniel and his people, Israel.

  4. The abomination of desolation is the church (mother of harlots and abominations of the earth, the woman of Revelation 17:5) riding on the beast (the Holy Roman Empire) Revelation 17:3). It is called a desolating abomination because of its use of the state power ("drunk with the blood of the saints" Revelation 17:6). This abomination was set up in 508 AD when the papal church used the state power of the Franks. Thirty years later she had power over all seven remaining horns. So if we date the time of the end from the papal control of the western Roman Empire, we start in 538 and get 1260 years. But if we start earlier, when the woman first mounted one of the ten horns, then we get 1290 years.


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