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  1. Posted this to my Facebook page today because I really liked today's lesson.

    One thing that defines a true Christian is that their character is changing to reveal Christ working through them. The change doesn’t come suddenly. The Holy Spirit convicts a Christian of areas that are devoid of Christ-like behaviors and it is our appropriate response to acknowledge the bad behavior and surrender that to the Lord for change. The Spirit is able to change the most hardened heart! Our duty is to cling to Him by surrendering in prayer and feeding on His Word. The Word cleanses and restores the heart and mind of those who diligently seek the transformation!

    The most difficult of all behaviors is our speech! The following is an excerpt from today’s lesson on SabbathSchool.net, Useful or Useless:

    “One obvious change will be our choice of words. Instead of using uninhibited remarks and harsh tones and gestures, we will become more sensitive to the effect our communication exerts on others. We will bridle our tongue so that it does not dash off ahead of us with all the violence and energy of an untamed horse.”

  2. Quoted from the lesson: “It does not come naturally or automatically.” - This in reference to the Christian life. Someone might say, “But I thought good works and right living automatically results from faith and love." Really that would be in a perfect world. The reality is believers who love the Lord may not always feel like doing right because of the fallen nature.

    So what happens when we do not feel like doing right, or not up to praying, studying or treating our enemy kindly? Shall we just sit back and do what we are comfortable with since God does not force us into anything? No.

    Until we are fully restored to the image of our Maker we will not simply enjoy everything which is Christ-like. So until our desires become transformed we may need to force ourselves (with the Spirit's help) to do right and thereby cultivate wholesome tendencies and habits. As we grow and draw closer to Christ sin will become more distasteful and living right more pleasurable. In fact little faults which were previously lightly excused will appear more prominent and offensive in the life of the one who is getting close to Jesus.

    The time will come when right living will be automatic. Until then there is a battle to be fought and much effort to exert. It is possible to finish the course and keep the faith because we do not fight alone. There is divine support.

  3. when we study the word of God, God's speaks to and give us an answer. Praying daily we get to have that close relationship with the King of Kings , and when we do these, all these actions such as caring of one another it comes naturally through the holy spirit of God . Christians today we have seek
    God more than ever we have to be a true believers following in the foot step of Christ. This lesson open my eyes clearly thank God for his spoken words.

  4. What defines us as Christians is the character like that of Jesus....most of us have failed to depict this in our christian walk may be because of much pretense than the real `walk the talk`...Until we are fully restored to the image of our Maker we will not simply enjoy everything which is Christ-like.Our love is needed by the poor,the widows etc.

  5. "if our religion consists only in
    affirmations of belief and listening to sermons,
    it is largely useless."i like this ...it is very true! !!we have to put words into actions.

  6. The lesson author says,"If our religion consists only in affirmations of belief and listening to sermons, it is largely useless."This quote reflects the true position of many people sitting in our churches. Doing the right things, otherwise called Wisdom in an earlier lesson, does not come naturally or automatically. We earnestly need to incline our hearts by faith to hear the holy spirit directing our actions so that we may give without expecting, admonish without judging, educate with empathy, share wholeheartedly with the needy. At the bourse many check the growth of their shares, now we need to start contemplating the growth of our shares in heaven by seeking and investing in the kingdom of God. Faith that works will be the unit share price.

  7. Yes, our study today is "useful or useless" - Jesus, James and Paul in their teachings for today's lesson highlighted so clear, that knowing what to do - but not doing is useless, ok. It is the doing part - feeding the hungry, visiting the sick, visiting the prisoners, helping the needy, caring for the widows, orphans, and list goes on. As christians, we must walk the footsteps of Jesus where He became a beggar (an hungered) for the needy.

    Thank you God for Jesus' victory. because I then can claim that victory to be able to overcome the things of the devil.

  8. From this study, one thing that defines true Christianity is character. How does our characters and behaviors reveal Christ in us? Quoting from the book of Matt. 25:35-36 by loving these ''least ones'', we look at what used to happen in the first century, where orphans and widows had very few means of economic support. Unless a family member was willing to care for them, they were reduced to begging, selling themselves as slaves or were left to starve. By caring for these powerless people, the church put God's Word into practice. Giving with no hope of receiving in return, they showed what it means to serve others. And this what Jesus expects of all true believers. In Ephesians 2:10,We become Christians through God's unmerited gift to us ( called grace) not as the result of any effort, ability, intelligent choice, or act of service to others on our part. However, out of gratitude for this free gift, we will seek to help and serve others with kindness, charity, and goodness and not merely please ourselves. Let's truly reflect whether our actions do make us ''Useful or Useless''.


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