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  1. You have offered us to share God's goodness in our lives.

    As I sit here, I am filled with gratitude and amazement as God had brought me to a point of dependence on His Providence long ago and I have watched Him come through with every need, especially in my finances. I haven't worried about money, and even yesterday I've incurred a good size expense with no idea how God will help me through this new one, but my faith is secure because of Him. I am smiling with gratitude and love for God and my Savior because he has brought another trial to reveal more of His love for me. (James 1:2)

    No one can match the goodness of God! Bless His Holy Name!!!

  2. Thank you, William, for the wonderful encouragement God has given you to share with us. I really pray we depend on God, be it in the time of sorrows or of joy.

  3. Here are my 7 blessings: 1. Financial— At the beginning of 2022, I had less than 10 music students, so I prayed for 30+ music students in January of 2022. By December of 2022, God has blessed me with almost 40 music students. God answers prayers. 2. Protection—Praise God as He saved me from a terrible accident on June 15, 2022, when my car, a Toyota Avalon of 28 years was totaled at a traffic junction when an old lady in another Toyota Avalon turned in front of me because she didn’t see me and my airbags of 28 years faithfully deployed preventing serious injury and probably saving my life. 3. Transportation—As a result of this accident and God’s Financial blessings, I had to get a new car, a Tesla Model 3, which amazes me with its navigate on autopilot and modern tech. 4. Spiritual—I cannot believe how great is our God in providing His only begotten Son & our Savior to die and live for us. Through men’s ministry in Nov., 2022, at Fresno, CA and Dr Joseph Kidder’s messages and the Holy Spirit’s anointing, I was rescued like never before from certain lifelong trespasses. 5. Marriage—My beloved wife has shown me much forgiveness and tender mercies which I do not deserve and she has manifested the love and forgiveness of God to me. I pray and hope that we, as God’s chosen people of the last generation may experience God’s goodness and mercy until Jesus’ soon return. 6. Family— I am hoping that my 96-year-old mother and our children & grandchildren may all be able to see Jesus’ coming in the clouds of glory in our lifetime, if that is God’s will. May we all be found faithful, as SDA members & as et readers. 7. Educational—Thank you pastor William E. for your timely blogs in your spiritual but humorous style. To God be all glory & honor!


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