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Why Both God and Teenagers are Repulsed by Some Church Services — 5 Comments

  1. William You have covered Sabbath observance very extensi1vely. All the bases are covered. Having discussed the how's and whys in the Sabbath School class that I attend, various opinions are voiced. We are told to 'keep the Sabbath Holy'. I have five children and it is not easy to try to keep the Sabbath Holy and not do our own pleasure. SDA pastors often try to preach a Sabbath sermon. Opinions are also often quite plentiful. A sheep or a cow in the ditch is mentioned as acceptable on Sabbath because it is the humane ting to do. What if you get a flat tire on your way to Sabbath School. A number of ifs are usually mentioned. Sabbath keeping is usually an enthusiastic topic.

    • You mean distributing food or clothing? That would not be breaking the Sabbath at all. Jesus wants people to be fed, clothed and taken care of on the Sabbath.

      "God's holy rest day was made for man, and acts of mercy are in perfect harmony with its intent. God does not desire His creatures to suffer an hour's pain that may be relieved upon the Sabbath or any other day." -Ellen White, Desire of Ages, Page 207

  2. I think God is not pleased with teenage rebelliousness if it is motivated by selfishness. Neither is God pleased with Sabbath School and church services not motivated by His Love.


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