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  1. I would tell myself to spend more time with God and less time on selfish pursuits, activities and dreams.
    I would tell myself to learn more about God and less about any other subject.
    I would tell myself to follow God and Pray to God for Wisdom in choices of occupation.
    I would tell myself that pursuing full time work is as valuable and more profitable than pursuing full time student.
    I would tell myself to be a full time worker and a part time student.
    I would spend more time in leisure and recreation enjoying nature where you can develop Spiritually.
    I would spend more time developing Spiritually instead of mentally and physically.
    I would not be afraid to be part of The Remnant Church.
    I would spend more time studying The Bible.
    I would avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages,narcotics and tobacco.

  2. If only I could forget all my past. I think of it when am alone, especially in the woods and cry. May God help me start afresh and as David prayed, I too will be able to teach the future adults how to live. Psalm 51:12,13

  3. • I would tell my younger (Baptist) self that believing what my pastor told me is not the same thing as believing in God's Word.
    • Wait patiently, God's plan really is best and it will happen in His time.
    • You are valuable to God, regardless of what people have told you about your worth. Those people who told you that you have no worth were probably struggling with understanding their own value and carried that struggle over to their interactions with other people.
    • You have far more friends than you realize. There are many people who want to support you, they are just waiting for you to ask them.
    • Choose your close friends wisely. They will influence you far more than you may realize at the time. Spending time with friends who don't share your values will be more likely to tear down your values than to build theirs up.
    • Tell people you love them. You never know when it might be your last chance to tell them.
    • Don't be afraid of sharing what the Holy Spirit prompts you to say. Even if the person you're speaking to seems unreceptive, someone nearby may well be listening intently and receive the message with gladness.
    • Don't expect material possessions to meet your desires for meaning. Only God can give meaning to your life as you study His Word and pray for His guidance.

    • I would tell my 15 year old self to prioritize God's word and get self esteem from knowing that you are fearfully and wonderfully made ❤️

  4. I would tell myself not to sin not to give in to temptation, not to receive, lie, not to steal in anyway, not to steal people joy or happiness, not to complain, not to argue, not to judge, not to procrastinate. Teach my children about God. Live a Godly life. Not to curse. Not to use people. Use a soft answer. Read God's Bible and pray. I would not get angry at my children, my mother, siblings, friends, families or relatives. I have sin and asking God to coming my life and change.its time for me to change and ask God to help me change. I feel broken but God can help me.🙏🏿

  5. I think I would tell myself two things, though I needed to learn them over the years. I'd tell myself that really spending time with God and reflecting on His Word is so valuable. I read the Bible a lot from childhood up, did the yearly reading plans etc. but it's only in the last few years I really started studying Scripture really slowly and searching to really know Jesus. I wish I had started earlier.

    The second thing I'd tell myself is not to try to obey because I love God. Instead I would tell myself that it's God's work to make me obey. Mine is to cooperate with Him and get to know Him so I'll trust Him to do His work. Real obedience is a heart change. It's not about trying harder. Knowing this has profoundly changed my approach to life and I'm sorry I was well into my 30s when I finally discovered it.


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