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  1. Post-christian times are not suprise to us. 3angels messages gave us information abouth fallen christianity. Adventism is remnant of that now ex christianity. It is also hard for us to live in present world. Now we can be recognise keepers of old faith. Maybe in usa are more christian activities but in europe is les. And that post christianity time is only in west.

  2. I really liked this article, it puts so succinctly the current thinking of the world and how even now we as christians are still so much like the Israelites wandering after our own pleasures.

  3. Only yesterday evening I was in discussion with a sister at church about our young people and how they are losing their love for God, His church and His mission and are being swept away by the pleasures of this world. Your article hits the nail right on the head. Let's pray for them and for ourselves that we will remain on fire for The Lord. Another word for post-Christianity is LAODICEA.

    • What about all the young people who demonstrate a great love for the Lord and who work hard to share His love to others. I continually see young people who are doing great things for God. Ok, they do things differently to my generation but I do not doubt their sincerity and purpose.

      I think that the thing that has changed is that young people are less inclined to wear masks like we used to. We were more likely to go through the motions of "being Christian", whereas today's young people just "let it all hang out!"

      There are young people who have taken up the challenge of spreading the gospel. We should do our very best to love and support them.

  4. Sometime we all have that "Que Sera, Sera", attitude. But in His wisdom, Ecclesiastes12:13 fearing God and keeping His commandments is the whole duty of man.and this is what makes you feel whole and fulfill. Jesus is the answer;Old,and New

  5. It simply laid down that everything in this world is nothing and temporary but things heavenly are the most preferred thing that man should look forward for. Look heavenward: it's not only healthy but Godly and enriching. God bless.

  6. These are strong thoughts,sometimes I want to ask the question is this the church or should we look for another? Everone seem to be going crazy over stuff that the world is caught up in while neglecting the things that Christians should do. Lord help us to set our affection on this above.


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