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When the Faith(fulness) of Jesus Carried me Through — 6 Comments

  1. Powerful. Thanks for sharing. When all (human) hope was gone, GOD’s faithfulness carried you. Truly ‘man’s extremity is GOD’s opportunity’

  2. Dear William, thanks so much for sharing this heartwarming reminder of God's faithfulness. Blessed be His name.

  3. Wow! What a testimony showing God’s care and faithfulness, to one who was faithful at working for God to bring truth to those who sit in darkness.

    And it’s on this subject of Bible workers, the church has missed the mark. Why should the burden be put on a local church who send all the tithes to the upper levels of the church, and the burden be put back on the church having to pay a Bible worker to win souls, when those souls will come in and pay as well?

    So the burden should be on the conferences and unions to support a Bible worker for every Pastor and they should both be paid and supported the same. Even Ellen G. White said it was lawful to pay a Bible worker with the tithes.

    Stop and think about it, the Bible worker's work brings in more tithe payers, looking at it from a business point of view. I think the church needs to rethink things to grow and spread the three angels' message and invest in Bible workers who work one on one with people. What better way to bring people in to the fold and proclaim the message give to us?
    Thanks for being such a light.


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