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Where in the World Are You Studying God’s Word? — 57 Comments

  1. I live and work between two locations in Australia that are 2000km apart: Melbourne and Brisbane. My Bible travels with me because I refer to it frequently to check out thoughts and ideas in my quest to learn more and more about God and reality so I can help people better.

    I get on to ssnet when I can access a computer to see where people are at with their thoughts, ideas and questions. Ssnet is part of my Christian community while I am on-the-go.

  2. I'm studying my lesson at my computer at home in Switzerland, near zurich. Sometimes I'm reading the bible while riding on the train or waiting, but usually I'm reading "lighter" stories as I find it hard to really concentrate on bible texts when it is not quiet.

  3. Atlantic Shores, Christ Church, Barbados.
    I do my devotion, which includes my bible and lesson studies, around 4 am everyday. I use my iPad, but I also use the actual bible sometimes.
    I come on ssnet most days to get some insight into the day's study.
    I love the other resources too, in particular, I love reading your articles.
    Keep up the good work.
    God bless you.

  4. Love this initiative, William.
    At home in Hounslow, London, Middlesex, UK on my laptop.
    However, I'm usually on my smartphone while commuting on the London Underground or National Rail.

  5. I am studying my lesson on my iPad early in the morning in my living room sofa in Brandon, Fl, before the other family wake up.
    Thank you for all the articles you write.

  6. Southern California; like Sandra, early in the morning, usually on the couch in my living room (so as not to wake the rest of the family). Most days with physical SS lesson and Bible, but on Fridays I like to use SSNet because I can access the non-Bible references and I love to read the supplementary articles, like yours, William, which I often find to be a great blessing--thank you!

    • Try that EGW Writings 2 app for your reference work Kim, it is really good. You will have the entire EGW library + many pioneer writings at your fingertips.

  7. I study the lesson on my computer when I am home in Idaho, USA, but when traveling I use my phone. I appreciate SSNet so much as I lead some weeks in one of the children's divisions and thus am not able to attend the adult lesson study.
    Also, appreciate Revival and Reformation and the forum there. I thank the Lord for all of the resources we have available in which to enrich my spiritual journey!

  8. I start my worship using electronic devices at 4 or 5am at home (Queens, NY, USA) Love and inspired by all the articles on SSNET. I read the comments for clarification, different perspective, to share, and to enhance my christian walk. I post many enlightening comments, and articles to my facebook page (credits provided) and find that people read and like them. Thank you, and everyone who participates for all your contributions to help us on this journey. God bless.

  9. I study every morning usually from 0700 to 0900 or later. I study while in dialysis on my IPad and my phone. I read ssnet on my iPad and have my iPhone open to tecarta bible app to cross reference. I also have all Ellen White books on both so I can refer to them also. On off days I sit in my comfy chair at home. Anytime I have to wait for an appointment I read my Bible. It is always with me. When my prayer partner calls me during dialysis I have her on speaker and it gets very quiet. Everyone listens and sometimes ask questions. I find Bible study to be a great witness. I live in Bullhead City, Arizona, USA

  10. I am retired. I do most of my reading, studying in bed, on my iPad, late nights into mornings. My wife joins me on mornings sometimes. Other times I study at the dining table, all at Brooklyn NY.

  11. I use my Android phone for lesson study in bed in the early morning typically around 3 to 3:30am or so when I wake up. I use SSNet exclusively for this, and fortunately have good Internet connectivity all the time. Mostly I study the weekly lesson and pull open the helps page as well and flip between them.

    For in depth study and notes, articles or sermon preparation I will use my PC and study in my office (I'm a software/hardware engineer so use a 3-screen desktop PC - I've been using and programming PC's since 1981 so I despise laptop keyboards and a touch pad intensely lol.)

    I have to put a word in too for the wonderful EGW Writings 2 App. I have downloaded all the books, articles, references and the Adventist Pioneer Library both to my phone and PC. What an amazing resource! I cannot recommend it enough. It is a constant study aid. It enriches my Bible Study immensely.

    Physically I am currently in Bluewater Park, Townsville, Queensland, Australia - that place of recent news re flooding. Thoroughly blessed to live in a house well above the flash floods that hit here 3 times over the last week. Do spare a thought and a prayer for those in Townsville and Bluewater Park who are still recovering from flooding 🙁

    PS: This is what a flash flood looks like -http://www.bom.gov.au/fwo/IDQ65393/IDQ65393.532007.plt.shtml
    - it rose about 2.4 meters in 1 hour and 15 minutes, from midnight to 1:15am on Tue 5th Feb. The first one we had was 9.8 meters, this last one about 8.2 meters. Early morning floods are nasty for catching you unawares. Bad enough in the day to suddenly look out the window of your house to find yourself surrounded by fast flowing water.

    PPS: it's 3:14am here now 🙂

  12. I study mine from my house,in the bus and every environment/good or bad! In my phone and other electronic divices..
    I must mention some people here in Ss who always light-up my spiritual walk with insightful pieces on the forum:
    You always amaze me with your articles which I return share in my local Churches,in Facebook,whatup groups etc.

    Remain blessed!

  13. Bula and Siga Tabu Vinaka (Hello and Happy Sabbath) from Fiji! Studying the Bilble at home in Wainadoi, 25km outside the capital, Suva. As well as my Sabbath School lesson, which is particularly helpful when worshipping overseas, whether in Pacific Island countries like Tuvalu and Vanuatu, Asian cities or elsewhere. Friday evenings and Sabbath mornings are usually ssnet time. Thank you always, William, for your insights and to all other online participants. Key points from ssnet are often shared to supplement discussions at Wainadoi Church, other local and even overseas churches where I worship in. Vinaka (Thank you).

  14. I have liked the introduction of this Lesson so so much,,Thank you brother William for your input...I look forward to meeting the SSNET Family at the golden gate In our Beautiful Home,,
    And back to the point I always read the Bible wherever iam free as long as i have my phone with me,,

  15. I study in my room, with my smartphone all the way from Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. God bless SSNET Team!

  16. Ocho Rios,Jamaica. I'm up at 3:00am every morning with my computer. I usually go through the entire lesson Sunday morning, then each day I read the opinions and comments on SSnet and delve into other sources, making notes in my quarterly. Just imagine the quarterly on Sabbath morning! But then I'm ready to lead my class discussion.

  17. Praise the lord, we are from all over the world.

    We should organise gospel campaigns all over the world.

    I'm happy to know where you come from. I'm from Mombasa in Kenya.

    God has put as together to do something for Him.

    Imagine all of us having a meeting, helping the poor and preaching.

    This is possible in Jesus Christ. God bless us all.

  18. From Northwest Illinois, where, last week a record cold temperature was set, -31 deg F., with a wind chill of about -50. I usually study at my desk on computer or teacher's quarterly especially when teaching. In the summer, I love to sit at the picnic table and just study and let my mind wander through thoughts as God gives them to me. Be Grateful today! In everything give thanks.

  19. I study on my electronic devices and from the hard copy of the Sabbath School Quarterly from my couch in Brown's Town, Jamaica. I enjoy the comments and insights on SSNet. I am inspired to help my Sabbath School Class. Thank you all.

  20. I study every morning after breakfast at my home in Phoenix Arizona USA.
    After following this forum for several years I feel like I know some of you.
    Thank you William for your many contributions and insights. I really like this
    idea of learning where everyone is in the world.

  21. It is interesting where and how and by whom, the lesson is being studied. We are a world church. When I read the SS lessons I prefer to read from the NKJ version. Electronic devices seem to be less appropriate to my of thinking, although I realize what is available is appropriate. For those that want to mention locations, I live in Central California, USA. Retired. Blessings to all.

  22. Paul Blanke,
    I live and study in middle Tennessee and I am retired too.
    While I understand your reluctance to embrace electronic devices to read the Bible I personally believe it to be a valuable tool. I used to feel the same way as you until I saw several young people reading Scripture on their personal electronic devices. I realized then that whatever it takes to get youth to read the Bible is OK with me. I believe if Jesus were physically walking the earth today he would use any and all tools available to reach the masses. Of course, He would not need an electronic device. He is the Bible.

  23. I'm sitting on my bed in Riverside, Southern California, studying the Words of Life. I love studying in the quiet hours of early morning. I find it easier to concentrate and focus on the point, or doctrine, I'm studying.

  24. I'm in my room studying in Trinidad following my lesson study on my tablet with my bible and Sis white book for reference.

  25. At home in Liberty Missouri,somedays I use my phone but i still love to put pen to paper and use the quarterly and my bible that I have had for 35 years.

  26. I use a hard copy bilingual Bible (and my well-marked English Bible) and a paper Spanish quarterly and because my Spanish is “rusty” I use this program on my phone to make sure I’m getting all the information, plus I like the extras and occasionally will copy and print an entire conversation as it adds to my understanding. It goes in my notebook (see below). Before I was doing bilingual I used a paper English quarterly and came here 2-3 times a week for articles and conversations.
    I am usually in the living room or at the kitchen table so I can write in my Sabbath School notebook. I try to write all the verses referenced each week in my notebook. When I taught it was what I used to keep us on track. And I still find it a helpful exercise.
    I have the EGW program and BibleHub on my phone and use them when riding in the car with my other half (or at work sometimes) I can look things up and add depth to a discussion or read to him.
    I live near the Columbia River in the Northwest USA
    Blessings to all and many thanks to the contributors. I also used various articles when teaching as they provided guidance.

  27. Group of people in my church three years ago decided to study the Sabbath School Lesson study in depth. Every morning at 5:30 to 6 am we would get together on a conference call and study everyday morning except for Saturday morning.
    We have done that for three years and still going regardless of holiday or any other events.
    Personally it has disciplined me to read and study the word in depth.
    We began writing words of inspiration shared on our morning group. When we review those writings, I am amazed to find out how God is inspiring us.
    Thank you for all the moderators on SSNET and the inspired writings you post in addition to the lesson study like the one I am responding to now.
    May God bless us, anoint us and make His face shine upon us. Amen

  28. 0630, on my living room couch on this chilly Ontario, Canada February morning. Prefer my NKJV hardcopy for my personal study (I enjoy turning the pages and the feel of the Book), laptop for SS lesson, primarily for the quick link to the texts.

    What a fun idea William, reminds me of the emails that Derek reads at the beginning of the Hope SS studies, ... personalizes the family. Thank you.

  29. Thanks for the post!

    I am studying in the stairwell of a friend in Abbotsford BC, Canada so as to not wake up this family.

    Thanks for the website that makes it convenient to study the lesson when traveling so much.

  30. I listen the pod cast lesson through my phone every day when I commute to work from Anderson to Indianapolis, Indiana and it is awesome and Love the interactive videos online

  31. At my home in Imperial, California. I use both the paper lesson quarterly and ssnet on my iPad The paper copy is easier for making notes that I can take to Sabbath School class. But I also take advantage of the supplemental materials and comments on ssnet.

  32. I study the lesson and the bible on both the phone and hard copy from 3.00 - 6.00 am every morning in Kendu Bay, Kenya.

  33. Namibia! Retired - granny and blessed beyond measure for the way the Lord has blessed and led me to this truth since I was sent on a 4-day journey to the tip of Africa for High School at Helderberg College! There is still much to do among the 'white' Namibians .... any volunteers to spend a few years here? We've had 'hit and run' evangelistic campaigns over the years but follow-up has been a problem due to the small congregations, language challenge (each wants the gospel in their own language - German, Afrikaans, English, Portuguese) at least until they are converted. Satan is hard at work scattering the flock - but praise God for dedicated laymen who reach out to the isolated farmers and members in small towns in this sparsely populated country and God's 'three angels' - radio, TV and internet!! During the past 20-odd years membership has grown exponentially among our African brethren, but sadly not so amongst the rest of us! This is a 'Macedonian call' come over and help us!!!

  34. I am studying my s/s lesson in my bedroom, I take my cochlear implants off and I’m in a total silent world and fully focused in my Bible. In Perth Western Australia.

  35. In Roraima, northern Amazon, I wake up every morning to worship our Heavenly Father, with a song, a Psalm verse or two, and a worship prayer. After this I read and write to memorize one Bible verse of Revelation a day. Then I study the Sabbath School leson in my computer. God's blessings to all.

  36. Mombasa, Kenya.

    I love the paper copy but when i've missed it like this quarter, i do the App. (though this has made me lazy in doing constant study).

    I love following the discussions here on ssnet.org. Maurice, Inge and all of you just help me get a summary of the weekly lessons. I often access the site on my breaks at my work desktop.

    God bless all of you. Sabato Njema (Happy Sabbath)


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