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  1. What does Paul mean saying that we are delivered from the law (Romans 7:6) -- apart from its misuse as a means of attaining God`s righteousness by works of the law? (Romans 9:31-32) What does freedom from the law mean in the context of jusification and sanctification?

    First, justification.--- The very first action of the law is condemning sin (Romans 3:19). Freedom from the law in this context means freedom from the law as to its momentary condemnatory verdict in pronouncing sinners as being guilty. In order for justice to be carried out, sin also has to be punished (Ezekiel 18:10-13). Now, the justice of the law has been carried out transferring guilt and punishment to Christ, the lamb of God (John 1:29) in order for grace to be granted to us in receiving Christ`s righteousness as a free gift (Romans 3:24).

    Paul is also speaking of being dead to the law (Romans 7:4.6). Sin, guilt and punishment having been transferred to Christ, in front of the law we no longer exist as a guilty person, we are dead to the law as to its momentary funcion of condemning and punishing sin. (Persons who are not guilty of crimes do not exist for the criminal law of the land.)

    Secondly, what does it mean to be free from the law and dead to the law in the context of sanctification?

    Prior to conversion and justification there used to be a constellation of flesh (carnal mindsetting) over against God`s holy law resulting in an explosion of sin in order for sin to be revealed as utterly sinful and ripe for condemnation (Romans 7:5.12-13; 8:7). In sanctification the carnal mindsetting (Romans 8:7) is changed into a new creature in Christ Jesus (2 Corinthians 5:17; Galatians 6:15). The constellation has changed. The new creature in Christ does now belong to the risen Christ and is now bearing fruit unto God (Romans 7:4) -- which is the fruit of the spirit (Galatans 5:22-23). Now, the law does never ever condemn those who are manifesting the fruit of the spirit in their lives (Galatians 5:23), nor does the law never ever condemn those who are in Christ Jesus, as He has freed them of the law of sin and death having become sin for us and having experienced the death we should have died (Romans 8:1-2; 2 Corinthians 5:21). In this condition the believers are dead to the law not only as to its momentary condemnatory function but also in view of a new life in companion with the resurrected Christ. There is now no explosion of sin any more as the carnal mindsetting is no more. They are in the condition of freedom from condemnation and freedom from being dictated by sin ruling within a carnal mind. This new condition of freedom is good news.

    Winfried Stolpmann


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