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Why Kindergarten Is a Part of Your College Degree — 3 Comments

  1. I really like this essay! Would you be surprised to know that there is data to prove your point? I am a long time teacher, have worked in many settings, but my real love is early childhood education. I have been a TK/K teacher for the last 19 years. I have also taken classes and attended conferences in the ECE field often over the last 32 years. What I have learned is that the "social emotional skills" that are such a buzzword now aren't that new. Fulghum's essay on sharing nicely, playing fair, not hitting, saying you are sorry, cleaning up your mess, not taking what doesn't belong to you: those are essential social emotional skills. They just haven't had an acronym until now. There is research that goes all the way back to the 1950's (which has been resoundingly verified in the last several years) that makes it plain just how essential they are. People who learn the golden rule, SEL skills, whatever you prefer to call them, are less likely to get a divorce, be fired from a job, abuse substances, drop out of school, or get arrested. The percentages in their ability to be more successful in the areas of education, relationships and career are far above the success rates of those people who don't master social skills. So: not only is it our existence meaningless if we fail to learn and use these skills: it's often not as happy, either. I love it when science (in this case, sociology) shows that God's way is best!

  2. It is so interesting how our early childhood plays a major part in our lifetime development. We are told the first 7 years are the most/important ages of a child. If only we can practice what we were taught it will be good for us.


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