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Why Worshiping God Is a Choice and Not an Addiction — 8 Comments

  1. AMEN ! Very well stated and the comparisons were perfect. I could really identify with what you wrote. Thank you.

  2. Hey Pastor Will Earnhart, I'm most grateful for this sermon, thank you so much. I was scrolling through the different topic that that the contributers had posted. Sir I came across your contribution and immediately I thought you were picking on me! But I must hasten to tell you that I've seen my sins and I must make the transition thank for pointing out that I'm addictive.

  3. Thought-provoking post, thank you Brother William. I like how you emphasize the respect God always gives us in this statement:

    After all, God always gives us free will and free choice when it comes to worship. Worshiping God is a choice we make every day, and not an addiction.

    However, if I were on a debate stage with you (just for fun and the sake of going further in discussion ☺️)… I might counter that idea with this:

    Humans are wired to worship glory. God is a glorious God, and everything He made has glory as it reflects Him. God created and designed man in such a way that we crave glory. Addiction is a “worship disorder” rather than a disease. Sinful man looks for creation’s glory to be his alone in the worship of self. Humans are designed for glory but (negatively) addicted to the pleasure they can get for themselves out of creation. Mankind cannot stop worshipping the same as they cannot stop breathing air! It’s how they are designed. The question is, are they breathing clean air or polluted air? Are they worshipping the Holy God or lesser, corrupting gods like self?

    I found those thoughts online (your message prompted me to look for more on the subject) in an article titled “We Become What We Worship – The Theology of Addiction” by Counselor Jack Lezza.

  4. That's what sin does to the human mind once it gets access and dwells there. It takes control of your sanity and replaces that with insanity as the 'normal' for you...unfortunately, we've lived that way for 6 thousand years...breaking the spell off is not a short walk in the park. It is a lifetime process a process not by our own might or by our own power but by the Spirit says the lord...We need to drink daily from the well and pool of Jesus only then can addiction of sin be broken.

    The more you keep your gaze on Christ the less and lesser still you remember sin... till you remember it no more...it is the secret code to break all addictions

  5. Happy Sabbath good morning. Elder Will Earnhart,

    Is impossible that your contribution to the Sabbath school study be posted at the beginning the week? Please let us know.

    • Thank you for your inquiry Ronald, and thank you all for your comments and contributions to our discussion.

      To answer your question, I try to submit my articles as soon as possible, among with all my other pastoring responsibilities. Also it takes time for them to be edited before being published. Some come out sooner than others. I will do my best to get them published as early in the week as possible. Thank you for your interest and encouragement to me and my ministry.

  6. Amen! Amen! Amen! Pastor Williams, so well said. And the first text that comes to mind is what Jesus said in John 5:

    “You search the Scriptures, for in them you think you have eternal life; and these are they which testify of Me. But you are not willing to come to Me that you may have life.”
    ‭‭John‬ ‭5‬:‭39‬-‭40‬ ‭NKJV‬‬

    Yes, it’s so sad, but so many people want to fill that void, that God created within us to worship Him, with the temporal things that Satan still offers us from the tree of good and evil, from which man fell, and still falls from, sad to say.

    Yes, at one time I used to be addicted to sports, but then God finally convicted me of the waste of time it is, and plus how it played on my feelings and took away my desire for spiritual things. And I really appreciated what you had to say about addictions and how God does not work that way. I never thought of that before. And so I turned to God’s Word, which like when I was a kid, I wanted to drink anything else but water, but with age comes wisdom at times, and so when I started to drink more water, then I realized what I really needed.

    And so it is with God’s Word, which John tells us was made flesh, and Jesus said we are to eat that flesh and drink His blood. So how do we do that? By going to the Bible, which is how we take up our cross, and our old nature is crucified, and we receive the mind of Christ, that Paul says we should have, because with it, we will have victory over our sinful flesh, thereby fulfilling Genesis 3:15. And once you taste of this living water, nothing else will satisfy.

    It’s something how, in my studies, I have come to realize that water was the first thing created, and is how the light was brought about, because you have to have matter and energy to get light. God was the energy, but yet there was darkness until Jesus spoke water into existence. That’s why, on the next day, he is dealing with all the water, and water is the base of all things created, and blue is the first color in the rainbow. You see, creation is energy being turned into matter by the power of God’s Word, and that’s why the colors in the rainbow tell us what was created on each day of the week. I could say a lot more on this, but it’s amazing what we can find in God’s Word. And on the cross, when Jesus' side was pierced, out came water and blood, and blood was the last thing created, which was the life of man.

    Thanks for all your spiritual insight each week; you are a great communicator of truth.


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