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A Wise Lesson From a Humble Deacon — 11 Comments

  1. Thanks for that humbling but enlightening thought. I love Bible Trivia and take pride in the fruits of years of teaching the kids' Sabbath School lessons which has blessed me with most of the answers .... from now on I shall give others a chance to answer first! It's not how much we know of the Bible facts but how well we know the Author!

  2. This is a clear admosion to us who see ourselves as wise in our own eyes:

    "People who think they are wise are more hopeless than a fool, because at least a fool knows he is a fool, but those who think they are wise are clueless they are clueless.

    There is more hope for fools than for people who think they are wise. Proverbs 26:12 NLT"

    The more you know, the more it is okay not to let everyone know what you know because they will see what you know and invite your knowledge to shed light as needed.

  3. Praise God that even as Jesus walked the earth, He was so humble people could have easily passed Him off as a mere man like them. True He was like them however He was still God and though in His all the wisdom of God dwells He still loves to dwell in the heart of the lowly and contrite souls (Isa 57v15) and above all He delights to work with those who are meek and lowly in heart. Humility and meekness therefore is the very fabric of what it means to have a heart thats after the heart of God like David had. So let it be for all of us who profess His Name!

  4. in the world of science where i operate, i have seen this! i have seen proffessors behaving like gods! i have also seen Mr or doctor know it all (i think i belong here sometimes ) and how funny and unreasonable these can. be. And the deacon and how easy people find it to be near him! Problem is, most people think they are being assertive by appearing wiser! God's will should be done in us to make us better!

  5. Humility is a gift. I pray for it daily.
    The natural tendency of man is to boast of his accomplishments. Sadly humility is not often times embraced in our congregation as we sometimes tend to sing the praises of the 'high flyers' and overlook those who are just 'getting by'. If often times manifests itself when its time for selection of officers!

  6. Truly there is a lot that makes up wisdom that demands lowering ourselves as to the level of the uneducated, inferior class and those we consider heathen...We have the duty of putting aside godly arrogance and be people that will listen,learn and teach the world only what is wise-the truth as it is in God.

  7. The Lord loves those with a humble and contrite spirit. Humility comes when someone is connected with God and realizes that there is nothing they can do without Christ or God leading. We need to ask this wisdom and ask the Lord to teach us to be humble. We need to be like Children who depends on their fathers. Thats why even Enoch walked with God after he begat Methuselah,it was because he realized how as a child of God he needed to depend on Him. Whether we are educated or uneducated we still need teachable hearts, we need help from God. Whatever we do lets not boast...because we need to know the who truth(Jesus)

  8. Thanks William, very practical, wisdom allows us to use our knowledge wisely, sometimes very difficult if we let ourselves get in the way.

  9. this is so true, i was so full of myself in wanting wisdom that when i learnt something i would show off and feel proud and rub it in others face.. but then i realized that this wasn't a pleasant feeling .later on i found out the beginning of all wisdom is in the fear of the Lord and from there it was well with my soul i was eager to share knowledge with others.


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