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  1. Whatever I need, I always find it in the Word of God. I can come to God and pray and read His Word and find the answers of life for relationship challenges, financial troubles, loneliness, dissappointments and stresses of any kind. I find what I need at every moment. Life changing, to be sure, everyday! I need to be in God's Word looking to Him much more everyday so that His power will be even more at work in my heart and life.

  2. I mark verses that are special promises while reading the word. But I also write texts in a journal that I can refer to when needed for myself or to give an encouraging word to others. Of course, nothing beats memorizing Bible texts or portions of scripture. Several years ago I memorized John 14 and 15. I will never forget how I grasped new understanding from those chapters as I memorized them.

  3. "A casual reading of God’s Word very seldom produces spiritual revival. Studying the Bible to prove one’s own position, or to convince someone else of his or her mistakes, does very little good for our own spiritual life.Change comes when we prayerfully read God’s Word, asking the Holy Spirit to give us the power to be more like Jesus." This is powerful. Why do we study the Words of God? Many are times we flip the pages of the Bible when our heart are not ready to hear the truth there in. We find it so hard to accept the truth when it does not coincide with our position and situation. GOD should help us not to use His words for our selfish interests.

  4. The Word vs Creation...
    "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men" (John1:1-4)
    We gain a lot of insights from the above verses. Christ is the Creator and He is the one who gives us life and light.
    Firstly, Christ is called the Word. (John1:1-4). Secondly, Christ is the life (John14:6). Thirdly, Christ is the light also. The Word is actually Christ, who is the light and the life. No wonder why "grass withereth, flower fadeth, but the Word of God shall stand forever..." (Isaiah40:8)

  5. Last week the lesson spoke about our weakness in reading the
    Work of GOD,because sometimes we are so tired of work
    To such an extend that we postpone our daily appointment
    With GOD, hebbrews 4:12 tell us what the word of GOD
    Is capable of doing to our hearts...we can never be revived
    Or be safe by postponing to pray or read GOD's word.

  6. This lesson reminds us that the Bible is not like any other book. The Word of God, received humbly into the heart, has life-giving transforming power.

    Every command contains within it the promise of the power to obey. In other words, God never asks us to do anything without supplying the power to do it.

    When we read the Bible as the Father's personal message to us, rather than a book of information about Him, it will change us.

  7. Jesus said a man shall not live by bread alone but by every word which proceedeth from the mouth of the Lord. This means that without God's word in us, there is no life. We may eat all kinds of food, but we must first eat the word of God in order for us to be revived. Seek ye the kingdom of heaven first and all things shall be added.

  8. It's mind boggling how living, powerful and creative the Word of God is. Keep in mind, the written words that's in our Bible are the same as those powerful words that formed the heavens and the earth. When God revealed this truth to me, I realized I've been sitting on a gold mine. Started reading my Bible daily right away. I even kept score log to keep track of my progress lest I become complacent and forget. It revolutionized my life. It healed me of a sin that plagued my soul for 13 years. It led me to a small church where I became a member (I used to bounce between different churches.) It made me confident (I used to be shy.) I can go on and on. Moses nailed it when he said, "Man shall not live by bread alone (Deut 8:3)."

  9. Take Note...
    Paul writing in Hebrews says the word is so powerful. I want to look a bit on its creative power as it is used in the Holy Bible. Paul said, "If any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away, all things are become new" 2Cor5:17 The life of sin that this person used to live becomes a thing of the past, but how does this person stops sinning? David and Jesus gives us the answer. David said, "Thy Word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against thee" Psalms119:11
    Christ who is also the Word now abides in the heart (John15:1-5) and we slowly become new creatures because like David's prayer, Jesus will create in us a new clean heart. Psalms51:10

  10. The study of the Bible ennobles every thought, feeling, and aspiration as no other study can. Jesus himself is the word as also described in Rev 19:13. If we rely to the true vine then we will be transformed in our character day by day.

  11. And from now and on, I won't leave my bible behind just because i think am traveling and will return in the eve or tomorrow.

    One by one makes a bundle. And so every days study, leads to complete revival.
    Thank bros


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