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Amazon has discontinued the AStore we used as our “Canada Store,” but all the Amazon links on our site now work in Canada too. By clicking on any of our links you will be taken to the same or similar items at

As a member of the Associate program, we receive a small advertising fee for your order when your order is initiated by a click through one of the links on our site. Even if a product is not listed in our store, Amazon will pay a small advertising fee for your order, as long as you enter Amazon through one of our links, even the main link. 

In case you cannot find the same Kindle Books in at, you can download them from, as I do, even though I live in Canada. But here’s the catch: You will need a Kindle or a Kindle app dedicated to your separate US Amazon account. (It is possible, though awkward, to use two Kindle apps on the same electronic device.)

Any fees we get from Amazon help us to cover the expenses for publishing the lessons an the discussion blog online, and it doesn’t cost you a penny! 

Canadian users can get good deals on anything from art to furniture, because shipping is free when your order totals $35.00 or more of items ordered directly from Amazon. 




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