Christ and His Law

Christ and His Law

by Keith Augustus Burton



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Lesson ReferencesThe References (formerly called “Helps”) include all related Scripture and most Ellen White quotations.

# Title Refs Mobi
1 Laws in Christ’s Day • March 29 - April 4 Lesson References Mobile Verson
2 Christ and the Law of Moses • April 5 - 11 Lesson References Mobile Verson
3 Christ and Religious Tradition • April 12 - 18 Lesson References Mobile Verson
4 Christ and the Law in the Sermon on the Mount • April 19 - 25 Lesson References Mobile Verson
5 Christ and the Sabbath • April 26 - May 2 Lesson References Mobile Verson
6 Christ’s Death and the Law • May 3 - 9 Lesson References Mobile Verson
7 Christ, the End of the Law • May 10 - 16 Lesson References Mobile Verson
8 The Law of God and the Law of Christ • May 17 - 23 Lesson References Mobile Verson
9 Christ, the Law and the Gospel • May 24 - 30  Lesson References Mobile Verson
10 Christ, the Law and the Covenants • May 31 - June 6 Lesson References Mobile Verson
11 The Apostles and the Law • June 17 - 13 Lesson References Mobile Verson
12 Christ’s Church and the Law • June 14 - 20 Lesson References Mobile Verson
13 Christ’s Kingdom and the Law • June 21 - 27 Lesson References Mobile Verson

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2014 Q2: Christ and His Law — 15 Comments

  1. I'm a new SDA member.. enjoying reading through sabbath lessons.. could highly appreciate sharing, experiences with others on daily lessons...God Bless!!

  2. trough this website i'm able to read God's word using different Bible vasions,Lord's peace be upon you all

  3. I always enjoy reading lesson study.I always come across something new everyday. My flesh is vaqueshing but I am renewed by the word of Yahweh. May the Lord Jesus bless editors that He may still impart His Spirit unto them . Amen

  4. The later rain is finally home now after a long wait especially here in Kenya where technology in remote areas is wanting.Am renewed daily now.


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